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The Campaign: A Message from President Byker

Gaylen J. Byker, Calvin College President I have long cherished the mission of Calvin College, first as a student at the college, then as a member of the steering committee for the first Calvin campaign and now during my 13 years as Calvin’s president.

As I have learned, Calvin is a place filled with purpose and promise, a place with a bold mission to address every square inch of God’s creation and renew it. We are equipping the next generation of Christian leaders in matters of the mind and heart, giving them the knowledge, skills and virtues to make a difference in the world.

It has been gratifying to see the fruits of our labors. Across the world Calvin graduates are working for renewal in whatever setting God has called them. They are leading organizations that are working for good, creating a Calvin ripple effect that spans the globe.

I have two young grandchildren who come to visit me now and then in my office. I suspect they like the peppermints I keep on hand, but I know they also like to see their grandfather and to visit the Calvin campus! It is my fervent hope that someday they will join hundreds of other young people from around the globe as part of a Calvin first-year class. It is also my fervent hope that the Calvin they find is equipped for the bold goals to which we are called.

Calvin has been faithful in building a beautiful campus and offering a wide range of academic and spiritual opportunities for learning. Yet we are at a critical time in the college’s history with significant challenges facing us in the areas of scholarships and financial aid, faculty research, campus maintenance and new buildings.

The Campaign for Calvin College has been carefully designed to meet not just the needs of today, but also the needs of tomorrow. God says: “See I am making all things new.” At Calvin we believe that is both a promise and a call. As you read the story of Calvin, the story of both who we have been and who we are becoming, please prayerfully consider how you can join us in answering that call, to ensure that Calvin graduates in generations to come can also be part of this awesome responsibility to renew God’s world.