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The Campaign: Alumni at Work in the World

Calvin has accomplished much; it is poised to do much, much more.

Jack Kuipers ’42
Widely regarded as the founder of the mathematics of virtual reality

Florence Kuipers ’42
Cryptanalyst and translator in Eastern European languages who was awarded the National Security Agency’s Civilian Meritorious Award

Corrine Kass ’50
Expert in special education who was awarded the Distinguished Government Service Award for her work at the Bureau of Education for the Handicapped

Alvin Plantinga ’54
Professor of philosophy at Notre Dame known for his work in epistemology, metaphysics and philosophy of religion

Dale DeHaan ’55
Leader in international efforts to solve refugee problems who shared the 1981 Nobel Peace Prize

Vernon Ehlers ’55
Nuclear physicist, U.S. Congressman and leader on issues involving the environment, education and public health

Paul Vanden Bout ’61
A pioneer in the field of radio astronomy who now is director emeritus of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Herman Keizer Jr.’65
During a 33-year military career served in the field, was a special advisor on the U.S. Army’s drug and alcohol program and was Command Chaplain of the U.S. European Command

Mary Vermeer Andringa ’71
President and CEO of Vermeer Manufacturing

William Garvelink ’71
Long-time senior administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and now U.S. ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Donna Brink Fox ’72
Eisenhart Professor of Music Education at Eastman School of Music and an international consultant on early childhood music

Gerald Gabrielse ’73
Internationally known atomic physicist and chair of Harvard physics department

Edward Buikema ’74
Regional director for the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency

Joel Holtrop ’74
Deputy chief of the National Forest System

Kim Olthoff ’82
Liver surgeon, transplant specialist and program director of liver transplantation at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Chris Holstege ’88
Medical toxicologist and associate professor in emergency medicine at University of Virginia Medical School

Todd Martínez ’89
Professor of theoretical chemistry who was awarded the MacArthur Foundation’s “genius grant”

Terri Harris Reed ’89
Vice provost for institutional equity and diversity at Princeton University

Arelis Diaz ’95
Director of instruction for the Godwin Heights public school district

David Porter ’97
Legal counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs

Ryan Spencer Reed ’02
Documentary photojournalist capturing the conflict in the Sudan

Laura Rip ’04
Facilities engineer for the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica