About Us

What we are

Calvin’s Sexual Assault Prevention Team educates the Calvin community (both on and off-campus) about the realities of sexual assault and harassment. SAPT is a safe place for survivors of sexual assault, with members willing to support and direct anyone with questions about the topic, big or small. We work to heighten the awareness of the community, strengthening the possibility of prevention in future situations.

Who we are

An interdisciplinary committee of students, faculty and administrators, each bringing our individual interests and abilities in areas such as psychology, pre-law, nursing, criminal justice, social work, education, gender studies, student development and self-defense.

What we do


    Speakers and videos with follow-up discussion on topics of date rape, personal safety, sexual harassment, pornography, gender issues, and the media’s impact.

    Pamphlets, films, and reference to reading materials are available in the Broene Counseling Center and through Campus Safety.

    Cost-free counseling is available for all students at the Broene Counseling Center. Off campus referrals are also available.