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Alumni Survey

Dear alumni and friends:

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey to ensure that our alumni files are correct. The information you provide will be treated confidentially and used only by the college. You may omit a response to any question you wish.

The college benefits and you do, too—since reunion notices, specialized mailings and other interesting communications are often sorted by the information you give us in these surveys. Call us at (616) 526-6142 or email if you have questions. Thank you for your help!

Alumni (or student) ID number, if known
Title (Dr, Mrs, etc) Suffix (Jr, Sr, etc)
Name while attending Calvin
Mo/Yr Began Calvin Mo/Yr Left Calvin
Number of Years Attended
Preferred Reunion Year You may choose a reunion year that is different from the year you left Calvin.
Current Address
Seasonal Address
Dates seasonal address is active
Home Phone (with area code)
Preferred E-mail Address*
*This is the only required field for the form. If you don't have an email please use
Date of Birth Race/Ethnicity
Church Denomination
Church Name
Degrees from Calvin College and/or Seminary
Degree Mo/Yr Program (e.g. general education) Major
Degrees from institutions other than Calvin College or Seminary
Degree Mo/Yr Major School
Employment Status
Employing Firm's Name and Address (local address rather than national headquarters)
Business Phone (with area code) Business Fax # (with area code)
Position with firm (job title) Number of full-time employees at firm
Company's Status          Non-profit For profit
Does Company have a Matching Gifts Program?          Yes No
Do you hire or influence hiring?     Yes No
If called upon by Calvin College, I would agree to work in the following ways:
Serving on the Alumni Association Board
Helping to start or strengthen an Alumni Chapter in my area
Providing a semester-long or summer internship for students
Recruiting on-campus or attending job fairs
Accepting resumes of qualified students and alumni for job openings in my company
Sharing information about my occupation
Sharing information about my hometown
Serving as an Admissions volunteer (e.g. hosting local reception for admissions staff, arranging visit for local high school students, calling students)
Serving as a fundraising volunteer
Serving as a Reunion Program committee member
Writing for Spark magazine
Organizing Calvin events in my area
List activities you participated in while at Calvin College (e.g. Chimes, sports teams, music groups, etc.)
Your approximate annual household income
Marital Status
Spouse's complete name
Did spouse attend Calvin? yes no
If so, Year left Calvin
Spouse's place of employment
Spouse's job title
If you have children, please list (even if they are grown):
Child's first and last name Date of birth Year of High School Graduation Attended Calvin College? When?
1 Yes
2 Yes
3 Yes
4 Yes
5 Yes
List one person, who does not live with you, who will always know your address:
Phone (with area code)
Relationship to you
Planned Gifts to Calvin
Calvin is included in my/our wills.   
Please send information about how to include Calvin in my/our will or estate plan.
Please share any recent news you would like us to know about (e.g. church, community activities, family, occupational changes, achievements, messages to Calvin or other alumni)
If space is available, may we print this in the Spark?     yes
Thank you for taking the time to fill all this out. Just click on the submit button and your survey will be done.