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45-Year Reunion: Favorite Memories of Professors

Henry Bengelink, Biology

He was always upbeat. One of his favorite sayings was "the difficult we do right away, the impossible takes a little longer."
~ Joel DeKoning

Gil Besselsen, Education

As I tried to choose a field to go into, he was an inspiration to go into education.
~ Roy Galien

Roelof Bijkerk, Psychology

He convinced me that I was an excellent student who would make a good university professor some day.
~ Alyce Horzelenberg Oosterhuis

James Bosscher, Engineering & Physics

He used practical examples to make physics relevant. His tests used practical applications, the same approach. “Case-based teaching” is one of the most effective strategies we use to teach in medical education. Professor Bosscher was a model of using this approach.
~ Byron Hoogwerf

Jim DeBorst, Political Science

Professor DeBorst was my professor of constitutional law and my introduction to the case method of instruction. He was very demanding but challenging and, in spite of being a tough grader, he pushed us in developing skill sets that were invaluable in law school.
~ Robert DeJong

John DeVries, Chemistry

He was my pre-med advisor and helped me get into medical school! He encouraged me along the long hard academic road. He was also my father's pre-med advisor 25 years earlier!
~ David Van Reken

Professor Greydanus

Having just arrived from Holland, my English language was very limited. I found the required Latin course I took from him gave me the best basis to learn my English.
~ Dick Medema

Alan Gebben, Biology

He instilled a love of God’s creation and a love of plants.
~ Ronald Boes

Harold Geerdes, Music

No matter what was going on in his life, he always had a positive approach as director of the Concert Band. He allowed us as members to have fun, yet he expected a professional approach in our preparation to perform and ultimately in our performance.
~ Eugene Bartman

Henry Holstege, Sociology

His awareness and insight into social problems, especially race issues, and his insight into a biblical model for racial reconciliation inspired me while I was a student.
~ Peter De Jong

He introduced me to the injustice that had been going on for years in the United States, especially as it concerned the civil rights movement and discrimination. Also he made me realize how little, if any, black history had been taught to us in history books through the 1950s and 1960s. He inspired me as well as my family to find places where we could right some of the wrongs done to African Americans or at least begin to understand and affirm another culture as God’s image bearers. We have chosen cross-cultural experiences for the past 40 years. He woke me up to see what God's Word said about God being no respecter of persons and how we should be peacemakers and non-violent in our treatment of others who are also made in God’s image.
~ Betti DeYong Grevengoed

The civil rights movement was going during our time at Calvin College. I came to Calvin from a small town and had very little awareness of the civil rights concerns and events prior to that, so Professor Holstege brought us up to speed at a critical time in the life of the United States.
~ Kathleen Bosman Klompeen

His class on social problems let me to go into the field of social work instead of the law.
~ Walter Werkhoven

Henry Ippel, History

I like history and was challenged in his class.
~ Donald Retsema

Robin Jensen, Art

He was so exciting, always encouraging his students to think way outside of the box.
~ Carol Battjes Ackerman

Kenneth Kuiper, English

He kindled a love of literature in his students and he was stellar in course design and class planning. His classroom technique was both provocative and hospitable—a nifty combination.
~ Neal Plantinga

Charles Miller, History

He was bright, articulate and thought-provoking, and he was thoroughly engaged in his love of teaching history.
~ William Dahms

Al Plantinga, Philosophy

He taught me to think. He interested me in the way that the mind uses logic to create new thoughts, an area I have continued to study ever since.
~ Carol Tamminga

John Primus, Religion

He was thought provoking, and he mentored me on the necessity to care and think of others.
~ Jerry Cooper

Rodger Rice, Sociology

His teaching opened the fields of sociology and social work to me as a career choice. Social work became a part of my study plan, and from this juncture Calvin gave me a base from which all of my future thoughts and decisions have been based.
~ Steve Bellin

Lew Smedes, Religion

His enthusiasm, knowledge, and love of students shone through all his lectures and relationships.
~ George Cooper

Gordon Spykman, Religion

I don't recall anything in particular. I think it was simply the man himself who was so remarkable to my young eyes. He exuded the Spirit of Christ, his teaching was joy-filled, and his demeanor was inspiring!
~ Frances Boelens Redder

Bernie TenBroek, Biology

He was just a good communicator.
~ Edwin Bos

He was my advisor. He provided great encouragement, especially when I returned to Calvin. Although his Calvin heart may not have seemed prompt, it certainly was sincere.
~Al Ter Haar

Richard Tiemersma, English

When I shared that I had declined to apply to a lodge for a scholarship they had for pre-seminary students, he replied, “Oh, Jim. We accept money from the Philistines!”
~ Jim Osterhouse

John J. Timmerman, English

Professor Timmerman, along with other Calvin profs, inspired me to go in to education - and specifically into elementary education. It turned out to be a good fit for me.
~ Joanne Byker Deckinga

John Van Bruggen, Education

He helped me make the transition back into college life. I had graduated from Trinity Christian College but then had gone on to teach. Later I decided to finish my bachelor’s degree and he helped me get the confidence I needed.
~ JoAnne Flikkema Bult

David Vila, Spanish

He inspired in me a strong interest in and love for the Spanish language. This played an important role in how my life after Calvin played out.
~ M. Elaine Medema Hutt

Stanley Wiersma, English

College was my first school experience in the United States. I had gotten a GED via correspondence which allowed me to enter the Navy and got me a probation slot at Calvin. My brother, Fritz Kwant ’67, was taking freshman English and raved about him. I managed through subterfuge to enter his second semester freshman English class and was hooked. I went on to get an English major along with psychology and sociology minors.
~ Fred Kwant

Don Wilson, Sociology

Professor Wilson took me as an extremely conservative, narrow-minded person who thought he had all the answers and forced me to think for myself, consider other possibilities and accept people who think differently and are different. This experience broadened my perspective and enhanced the rest of my life in ways that are still emerging today.
~ David Gabrielse

He inspired me, as a sociology major, to think on my own and to open my mind to the ideas of others. He truly loved Calvin College, as did I. He was an inspiring Christian professor who set an example of love and acceptance. I am very pleased that two of my children were also able to enroll in his class.
~ Thea Schravendeel Van Kampen