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10-Year Reunion: Favorite Professors

Adel Abadeer, Economics

Dr. Abadeer has a passion for teaching economic development in a way that allows students to move beyond their preconceived notions about how other countries operate. Solutions that might work in a poor neighborhood in the U.S. might have negligible or even unintended negative effects in another country. I will never forget that the biggest answer to development around the globe is to educate the women in developing countries.
~ Bradley Brummel

Curt Blankespoor, Biology

His love of creation (especially bugs) was evident in every lesson that he taught. The entomology class was one of my favorites, as well as the animal behavior class. We took a field trip to Binder Park Zoo and met a former student of his who had become a keeper. This further solidified my goal of working in a zoo or sanctuary.
~ Rachel VanElderen Malstaff

Ron Blankespoor, Chemistry

Professor Blankespoor always made chemistry lessons interesting and took time to help us understand the complicated lessons. He was able to help me wrap my mind around difficult chemical concepts.
~ Meg Runyan

Renae Boss-Potts, Nursing

Renae inspired me to think about being a nurse outside of a hospital. I traveled with her to Belize and saw firsthand how far-reaching her love of caring for others truly is. It comes through a personal relationship and genuine love for others and to see them thriving! She challenged me to think about pursuing further education and also living outside of America. She loves her students and wants to see us in the best possible place to practice as a nurse. Her enthusiasm and quick wit are much appreciated, as well as her sense of humor and compassion. I'm so thankful for her!
~ Melanie M. Afman

Cheryl Brandsen, Sociology

She was a knowledgeable hard worker with a passion for students, learning and teaching.
~ Joel Hoekema

Dr. Brandsen taught my introduction to social work class. On the first day of that class, I knew I had picked the right major. She was always available for the students and was very approachable and down to earth. Every registration, I always checked to see if she was teaching and would register for her classes first.
~ Anne Pidek

Barbara Carvill, Germanic Languages

My spoken German was never good! (And it really never will be). But I was a German minor and Dr. Carvill was very patient and kept working with me on pronunciation right through my senior year. She was also very encouraging when I decided to go to grad school for history.
~ Bethany Tanis Kilcrease

David Cook, Business

He had a passion for teaching. I always felt that he could be a partner somewhere making three times as much money but he answered the call to teach instead. He had a big impact on young, impressionable minds in the accounting field focused on “making it” in the accounting or business world.
~ Brian Braat

Professor Cook was down to earth, real and wise. This is an inspiration for me in my accounting career.
~ Jeff Sharda

David Crump, Religion

He had a tremendous knowledge of the Scriptures; I remember much from his lectures, even 13 years later. But I also can recall vividly how honest and vulnerable he was with us in sharing his own faith journey.
~ Peter Armstrong

He helped me analyze a central aspect of my faith, the biblical text, and learn how to take something apart and put it back together again...better than the first time.
~ Josh Wall

Janel Curry, Geology, Geography & Environmental Studies

Professor Curry taught me to appreciate two things I hadn’t thought much about: geography and economics. I took her for Geography 110 in my first year, and I had economic geography my sophomore year. Both classes were a lot of work, but I’ve never forgotten the lessons I learned ten years ago.
~ Peter Bratt

Don DeGraaf, Physical Education

He had a passion for programming and recreation that was contagious. He helped students personalize assignments to make sure students were prepared for the careers they were interested in.
~ Amanda Whittaker

Chris deGroot, Religion

She had eye-opening ideas and gave new perspective on things. She recommended me to be a tutor in the student academic services office which ultimately led to my career here in that department.
~ Renee Morris

Ed Ericson, English

Dr. Ericson pushed me to pursue what I enjoyed and was passionate about.
~ Peter Knoester

Simona Goi, Political Science

I probably think more about the class I took with her (Men, Women and Politics) more than any other single class I took at Calvin. It’s the foundation for my concept of what justice should mean for all persons.
~ Cecily Squier

Tom Hoeksema, Education

I am now a special education teacher because of his influence.
~ Robyn Clover Stevens

Robert Medema, Business

Professor Medema was a business professor of mine who was a great example of being a Christian in the business world. He was extremely approachable and brought a lot of experience to the classroom. He was always available to help and provide what guidance he was able to.
~ Michael Wigger

Robert Nordling, Music

Robert has a keen and contagious passion for music and for orchestral music in particular. This passion definitely inspired me to continue studying music following graduation from Calvin. In addition to an impressive and prestigious background in conducting, Robert has a servant’s attitude toward the musicians he conducts, meets those musicians at whatever musical level they are at, and is able to bring them to the next level of making music in a very short time. I count him a truly remarkable individual, mentor, and friend.
~ Jonathan Karnes

Arden Post, Education

I still have the laminated wedding announcement that Dr. Post cut out of the newspaper and mailed to me three years after I graduated. She was a true representative of caring for the whole student.
~ Kari Dykhouse

Pearl Shangkuan, Music

Dr. Shangkuan inspired me to use my voice to praise God. The level of excellence she demanded of us made me want to work hard at developing my skills as a musician.
~ Sarah Cupery

Todd Steen, Economics and Business

A humble, intelligent man of God.
~ Robert Gulley

R. Scott Stehouwer, Psychology

Dr. Stehouwer is an excellent professor who clearly cares not only about educating his students but also about his students as individuals.
~ Jordan Bush

Thomas Thompson, Religion

He was always available to help and answer questions. You could see he really knew his material and enjoyed what he taught. He also displayed a Christian demeanor at all times.
~ Johana Marich Franklin

William Vande Kopple, English

I appreciated Dr. Vande Kopple’s teaching style because he made what he taught relevant. I appreciated his approach to grading as well because we were able to learn through the writing and editing process. That has really helped in graduate school!
~ Susannah Knust

Steve Vanderleest, Engineering

He shared personal stories about what led him to where he is and the processes he went through.
~ Joel Klooster

Elizabeth Vander Lei, English

All through high school everyone told me that I was not successful at writing papers, but could never tell me why. Instead they would write comments all over the assignment and give me whatever grade. When I came to Calvin and took English with Professor Vander Lei, she read my first paper and called me into her office. She had read my paper and found that I was a successful writer if I could focus my thoughts. You see, I was taking two to three ideas and trying to combine them into one paper. By taking the time to meet with me and identify the problem, I soon became a successful college writer. Professor Vander Lei gave me the confidence I needed and changed my mind about college being as bad as my high school English teachers had made it out to be.
~ Megan Demas

Kurt VerBeek, Sociology (Semester in Honduras program)

Kurt is inspiration in every sense of the word. He is an incredible reflection of a Christian passionately and bravely living into a mission-centered vocation.
~ Joe Dieleman

Dave Warners, Biology

Professor Warners showed kindness inside the classroom and outside of the classroom. He also was not afraid to be different to do what he believed in. I still remember his natural plant yard in the middle of the suburbs.
~ Katie Brinks Bonner

Professor Warners has an infectious passion for plants and, though I was not especially interested in botany at the beginning, it became a favorite class of mine. Dr. Warners had a way of making plants exciting, and to this day I see the world differently.
~ Meg Runyan

John Witvliet, Music

His love of music and heart that he put into his teaching and his worship has always been something that I remember.
~ Rachel Boerema Rieger