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Calvin ArtPrize 2014 Participants

View and vote for these pieces by Calvin alumni, students, faculty and staff in this amazing public art event from September 24–October 12, 2014. Let us know of additional Calvin participants:

You can also follow the "Calvin College alumni" list on the ArtPrize website and use the ArtPrize app to map that list.

Also, download the Calvin Alumni Association's phone app, where you can find a permanent link in the news feed so that you can quickly pull up this list when downtown.

Marlin Baker '68 (Vote code: 57073)
The Thinker; 3-D, mixed media
West Coast Coffee, 55 Monroe Center NW

Rick Beerhorst '82 (Vote code: 57591)
City As Muse; Installation, oil painting, drawing, and video
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, 2 Fulton West

Ellen Terborg Bianchi '79 (Vote code: 57397)
Floral Order; 2-D, hand-made paper
Arnie's, 722 Leonard St NW

Adam Bock '09 (Vote code: 56184)
West Michigan Winter; 2-D, oil on canvas
DeVos Place Convention Center, 303 Monroe Ave NW

Nora Lagerwey Faber '98 (Vote code: 57117)
Wholegrain; 2-D, clayboard, acrylics, oil
DeVos Place Convention Center, 303 Monroe Ave NW

Elaine Tolsma Harlow '92 (Vote code: 56651)
Restless, we move to the next; 2-D, mixed, oil, ink, map, and paper on canvas
Fifth Third Bank/Warner Norcross & Judd LLP, 111 Lyon NW

Robin Jensen HON, Calvin professor of art emeritus (Vote code: 57633)
"Flying High" The Spiritual Journey of John Coltrane; 2-D, mixed media
Founders Brewing Co., 235 Grandville Ave SW

Rachel Epp Kibbe '00 (Vote code: 56852)
Unveiling Our Story; 2-D, acrylic
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 250 Commerce Ave SW

Nicholas Kroeze '73 (Vote code: 56728)
The Pond; 3-D, wood
Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, 187 Monroe Ave. NW

Shawn Krueger '98 (Vote code: 56496)
New Morning; 2-D, oil
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 134 North Division Ave

Tim Lowly '81 (Vote code: 57209)
Bower; 2-D, acrylic on panel
Grand Rapids Art Museum, 101 Monroe Center
Tim is leading an artist's talk on Friday, September 19, 1:30 p.m. in Spoelhof Center 150. There will be a panel discussion about his work with Tim, Henry Luttikhuizen '86 and Kelly VanderBrug '94 on Friday, October 3, 7 p.m. in Spoelhof Center 150.

Robert Penning '73 and Gwen Penning Genzink ‘97 (Vote code: 56908)
Mrs. Wezeman's Cookies; 3-D, paper mache
First (Park) Congregational, 10 E Park Place NE

Marsha Hurwitz Plafkin '84 (Vote code: 56435)
The Braidel; 3-D, cast aluminum, 356
Fountain Street Church, 24 Fountain Street NE

Matthew Plescher '91 (Vote code: 57012)
transitions IV (Kindled); 2-D, oil on canvas
Women's City Club, 254 East Fulton St

Brad Reed '00 and Todd Reed (Vote code: 56783)
2014 Grand Island Ice Caves; 2-D, photography
First (Park) Congregational, 10 E Park Place NE

Ryan Spencer Reed '02 (Vote code: 57319)
Despite Similarities to Reality, This is a Work of Fiction; Installation, photograph and sound
Grand Rapids Art Museum, 101 Monroe Center

Carol Kok Roeda '70 (Vote code: 56371)
Color Out the Darkness; 3-D, felted paper, latex paint, cardboard tubes, steel
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, 303 Pearl St NW

Katie Miller Roodvoets '02 (Vote code: 56406)
I Will Walk With You; 2-D, photography
Spectrum Health 25 Michigan, 25 Michigan NE

Bjorn Sparrman '12 (Vote code: 56719)
The Grand River Checkpoint Project; Installation
Gillett Bridge, Interurban/Richard Gillette Bridge
Bjorn's piece was selected from among a field of exclusively Minnesota based artists in ArtPrize Pitch Night Minneapolis to execute a project on the Gillette Bridge: MLive story

Mary Loerop Steenwyk '88 (Vote code: 56326)
Build Bridges; 3-D, wood, metal, acrylic paint, adhesives, jeans, fabric pastels
Bridgewater Place, 333 Bridge St

Cassandra Van Zee Swierenga '79 (Vote code: 56691)
The Artist
; 2-D, oil on canvas
Women's City Club, 254 East Fulton St

Doris Sjoerdsma TeBos '54 (Vote code: 57181)
Amen corner oil painting; 2-D, oil
Arnie's, 722 Leonard St NW

Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk '83, Calvin professor of art (Vote code: 57419)
Vestige; 3-D, fiber
Calvin College (106) Gallery, 106 South Division Ave

Kyle Venhousen '13, Brad Jansen '11, Jeremy Kruis '13, Stephen Panaggio '11 and Justin Lovett [Bradley Productions] (Vote code: 56823)
Walk-in Camera Obscura; Installation, wood work, carpentry
Blue Bridge, Blue Footbridge

Calvin's (106) Gallery will be featuring REFLEXION, an exhibition of nine ArtPrize artists whose artwork faithfully explore ways in which their art and process relate to reflexion – a bending back. See more information about their programming during ArtPrize.