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Calvin and ArtPrize: September 18–October 6, 2013

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ArtPrize is a "radically open, independently organized international art competition" held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, each fall. When Rick DeVos '04 came up with the idea, "he wanted everyone to notice," according to the Wall Street Journal article. Read about opening day by Meredith Fennema '12.

View and vote for these pieces by Calvin alumni, students, faculty and staff in this amazing public art event from Sept. 18–Oct. 6, 2013. (Are we missing anyone? Tell us at Tip: Download the Calvin phone app; there's a permanent link to this site so you can quickly pull up the list when downtown.

Read below for more on Calvin's (106) Gallery's presence at ArtPrize, which will feature a selection of artists from across the United States, and for the many alumni involved in making this event happen.

Calvin ArtPrize Artists

Marlin Baker '68 | Monroe Community Church, 800 Monroe NW
"Saxxy Blue"
Sound, mixed media

Rick Beerhorst '82 | DeVos Place Convention Center, 303 Monroe Ave NW
"Rick Beerhorst Painting"
2-D, oil paint

Jane (Seif) Blacquiere '74 | Monroe Community Church, 800 Monroe NW
"The Trees of the Fields Will Clap Their Hands"
3-D, mixed media

Adam Bock '09 | Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, 30 N Division Ave
"Quit Copying!"
2-D, hand-painted oil on panel

Lisa (Stob) Bulten '89 | Monroe Community Church, 800 Monroe NW
"Generational Tension: Forum for Blessing and Grace"
2-D, acrylic, ink and oil

William Chardon '77 | Westminster Presbyterian Church, 47 Jefferson SE
"Rialto Beach Compositions"
2-D, photography

Peter Dykhuis '78 | Cathedral Square, 360 Division Ave S
"Inventory #1 - #2"
2-D, mixed media

Alison DeRooy '11 | Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 250 Commerce Ave SW
"One Voice"
2-D, watercolor on paper

Nora Faber '98 | St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 134 N Division Ave
"Spiritual Birth"
2-D, clay board

Katie Hiskes '11 | Wolverine Company Store, 40 Monroe Center NW
"That Tan"
3-D, mixed media on canvas

Carol Jurgens '70 | Cathedral Square, 360 Division Ave S
"Stilled Light Showering Color"
2-D, acrylic paint

Stephanie Kang '13 | Ottawa-Fulton Parking Ramp, 22 Ottawa Ave
Installation, yarn and other craft materials

Rachel (Epp) Kibbe '00 | Monroe Community Church, 800 Monroe NW
"A Little Piece of Beyond"
2-D, cut paper

Nicholas Kroeze '73 | The B.O.B., 20 Monroe Ave NW
"How Long?"
3-D, wood

Shawn Krueger '98 | St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 134 N Division Ave
"Four Seasons"

Mary Kuilema ex'73 and others | Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, 187 Monroe Ave NW
"God's Kitchen"
3-D, clay

Verna Lubben '74 and others | Central District Cyclery, 52 Monroe Center NW
"Compassion Unfolding"
3-D, mixed media

Dan Nelson '77 | The B.O.B., 20 Monroe Ave NW
"Points of View 2"
3-D, oil

Tim Nielsen '75 | 50 Monroe, 50 Monroe Ave NW
"New Topographics Revisited"
2-D, photography

Mark Ottens ex'90 | Calvin's (106) Gallery, 106 S Division
"A Torrent Released from an Arm on South Division Avenue, 1988”
2-D, ink on paper

Robert Penning '73, Lin Culver '85 and others | First (Park) Congr. Church, 10 E. Park Place NE
"7,000 Leaves of Love"
Installation, clay

Matthew Plescher '91 | Women's City Club, 254 East Fulton Street
"Evening Field"
2-D, oil on panal

Nate Post '00 | The Jon Hartman Photography Co. & 87 Orange Photography, 105 S Division Ave
"The Dream - Slices of Cardboard"
3-D, cardboard/plant life

Julie Quinn '80 | Monroe Community Church, 800 Monroe NW

Brad Reed '00 | The B.O.B., 20 Monroe Ave NW
"A Michigan Tribute"
2-D, photography

Katie Miller Roodvoets '02 | Grapids, 1170 Plainfield Ave NE
"Beauty in Disorder: Beholding Williams Syndrome"
3-D, sculpture and mixed media

Julia Smilde '85 and Maria Smilde '14 | Oaks Street Park, 67 Ionia Ave NW
"Tin Roof Cats"
2-D Installation, photography alternative

Mary Steenwyk '88 | Grand Rapids Children's Museum, 11 Sheldon Ave NE
3-D, wood, metal, acrylic

Cassandra (Van Zee) Swierenga '79 | Monroe Community Church, 800 Monroe NW
2-D, watercolor

Doris (Sjoerdsma) TeBos '54 | Arnie's, 710 Leonard NW
"Grandmother's Pantry"
2-D, painting

Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk '83, Calvin art professor | Calvin's (106) Gallery, 106 S Division
"Vesture III"
3-D, fiber

Sandy (DeHoog) VanderMey '76 | Women's City Club, 254 E Fulton St
3-D, metal

James VanderMolen ex'80 | Monroe Community Church, 800 Monroe Ave NW
"Pilgrim's Cloak"
3-D, paper, foil

Peter Van Regenmorter '76 | O'Tooles, 448 Bridge St
"The Underdog"
3-D, wood

Mandy Cano Villalobos, Calvin art professor | Calvin's (106) Gallery, 106 S Division
Performative installation

Karisa Wilson '99 | St. Cecilia Music Center, 24 Ransom Ave NE
"The Courage of One"
Time-based, performance

(106) Gallery

(106) Gallery | downtown Grand Rapids at 106 South Division Ave.
(616) 454-9943 | Joel Zwart, Director of Exhibitions

Special ArtPrize hours for (106) are Monday–Saturday, 12–8 p.m.; Sunday 12–6 p.m.

This year Calvin's (106) Gallery presents, DELINEATION, an exhibition of ten ArtPrize artists whose artwork explores mark making, layering and story telling. Their work is primarily void of color, which in some cases serves to emphasize an organic or rhythmic quality. In other cases, the stark lines and repeating patterns act as an entry into questions of narrative, fantasy and social issues.

The artists are: Ross Bisbee, Calvin art professor Mandy Cano Villalobos, Lori Field, Mary Gaynier, Carla Hernandez, Karolina Kowalczyk, Natalie Nadeau, Mark Ottens, Marissa Tawney Thaler and Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk.

And more...

And thanks to the Calvin alums involved in the leadership team for ArtPrize—Kevin Buist '06, Rick DeVos '04, Meredith Fennema '12, Amelea Pegman '01, Ben Poosawtsee '04 and Todd Herring '99. And we know many more alumni volunteer for this incredible event—thank you!