We have put together a Chicago Welcome Booklet (pdf) for anyone moving (or thinking about moving to Chicago).



  1. Applicant must be a first-year student from the Chicagoland area (generally defined as zip codes 46300-46499 and 60000-60899).
  2. Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis, with consideration being given to scholastic achievement and to individuals who display a life of faith as evidenced by commitment in the areas of leadership, volunteerism, and service to the community.
  3. Preference will be given to applicants who have not already received a significant award such as a National Merit Scholarship or Calvin Presidential Scholarship.

Application: Word .doc (deadline is February 2, 2015)
Contact: Susan Anderson (630-462-0406).
As many $1000 scholarships will be given as funds allow.


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Linnea Chambery
Lauren Dillon
Dave Fortosis
, chair
Jeff Groenewold
Chris Kowalewski
Keri Morton
Andrea Stoit
Alden Van Solkema
Chris Wiesehan

Susan Anderson
Russ Clousing, CAA board rep
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