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Publications: Forever Faithful

Golden YearsThis title is available from the Calvin Campus Store,

The history of Calvin College is the story of people drawn to a place where academic rigor and deep spirituality coexist—and even energize each other.

William Spoelhof, president of Calvin from 1951 to 1976, is one of these people. More than that, because of his contributions to the college — beginning with his first year as a student in 1927 and extending beyond the year 2000 as an active president emeritus — he stands as a "pillar person" in the annals of Calvin. To hear his stories is to hear the stories of the college.

To commemorate Dr. Spoelhof’s 95th birthday on December 8, 2004, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of Calvin College were invited to write stories that included this influential man, confident that a "Spoelhof story" would also be a "Calvin story."

Some of these tales are serious, while others are lighthearted. Some note the thoughtful counsel of a gifted Christian leader; others point out the wit and humor of a life-affirming gentleman.

The stories in this volume speak of a person, of vision and of faith. They also reflect a college that strongly proclaims that mind and heart can be strengthened at the same time, both inside and outside of the classroom. Above all, these narratives show gratitude to a gracious God who has blessed a community desiring to be faithful to his call.

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6"x9" paperback; 182 pages; $10; ISBN: 0-9703693-7-9
© 2004 Calvin Alumni Association

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A memorial to Dr. Spoelhof is now available with more stories, biographical information and details about the William Spoelhof Society.