Thank you

The alumni association would like to thank you for following up on our invitation to participate. Please submit your response—for either yes or no—online.

If you need to refer back to these instructions, you can find them easily by going to www.calvin/go/devotional.

Note: You should receive a confirmation email after submitting the form above, but occasionally certain web browsers might have issues. If you don't receive a confirmation email, contact with your name, a "yes" or "no," and, if "yes," your estimated submission deadline (preferably May 1 or May 15). Thank you!


Please follow these submission parameters to assist our editing process:

  • Devotionals should be no longer than 350-375 words; devotionals will be one page only.
  • Any Scripture references should be from the New International Version (2011) edition of the Bible which can be found online: Each passage will be cross-checked for accuracy.
  • Use your own words. Except for a brief Scripture reference if needed, please do not quote any copyrighted material, hymns, or any other material that requires a citation.
  • Please do not submit a devotional that has been published elsewhere. The Calvin Alumni Association will hold the copyright on the entire publication.


  1. Email your devotional to as a Word (or any easily-accessible text format--- no PDF files, please) attachment.
  2. Include a title and a Scripture passage. You do not need to write out the Scripture at the top or include a prayer at the end.
  3. Include this author information:
  • First + maiden (if applicable) + last name;
  • reunion year;
  • current city and state/province (or city/country for alumni living internationally);
  • occupation(please keep it short and general, one to two words; e.g. homemaker, retired attorney, non-profit administrator, nurse, Calvin student, pastor, communications director, scientist, accountant, social worker, graduate student, missionary, administrative assistant, professor)
    • Examples:
      Sarah Prescott Brown; Class of 1997; Seoul, South Korea; Technician
      Peter Martinez; Class of 1968; Cleveland, Ohio; Teacher
      Sondra Van Dries; Class of 2017; San Diego, California; Calvin student

Ideas and Tips

Here are some questions to start you thinking:

  • Where do you see God at work in our world today?
  • What scripture text has God used to shape your faith?
  • What story of Jesus inspires or convicts or challenges you and why?
  • What is your favorite attribute of God, and what Scripture passages help you to appreciate that aspect of God’s character?

Update from the committee, April 2014

We have noticed that many of the pieces we have received have been very individual-focused. It is fine to incorporate part of your personal story into your piece, but if you do, please help us also to see who God is or what he is doing as part of that story. We'd love to have more pieces that dig into a Scripture passage and help us to understand it better.

We have also received quite a few pieces already centered on loss of a parent or child, and quite a few on God's presence during the uncertainty of job changes or life after college. If you haven't written your piece yet but were thinking of one of those angles, we'd be grateful if you picked a different topic that would help to balance out the overall collection of pieces. Thank you!

Be aware that the readership will not be exclusively in the U.S. or North America. It is important that the devotionals have broad, general appeal to a diverse audience.

Please also see four sample devotionals: Mulligans of Grace; Extravagant Love; Ambassadors for Christ; Telling the Story


All submissions will be reviewed by a committee of alumni and Calvin staff. Committee members will select the 365 pieces best suited for this project. The committee reserves the right to edit the submission for consistency and clarity.

Each person whose devotional is selected for publication will receive one complimentary copy of the book as a small, but heartfelt, token of our appreciation. Additional copies will be available for purchase through the Alumni Association.