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Networks: Seven Service Areas: Representation

The Alumni Association Board and the College seeks regular input from alumni networks (formerly chapters) when considering policies, procedures, goals, objectives and priorities. Networks showing "active involvement" in representation simply respond faithfully and promptly to the various requests made by the Association and the College.

The Alumni Association Board seeks to keep alumni worldwide informed about College and Association matters through network leaders. Network presidents or chairpersons are regularly asked for opinions on important issues; we think this strengthens the Association's influence and assistance to the College.

In May 1990, the Alumni Board made a historic decision to move toward a more representational system of governance by electing alumni from various geographical regions across North America. The board acquires candidates for Alumni Board positions by asking alumni network leaders in certain geographical areas to nominate at least two alumni from these areas for Board membership. Network leaders are asked to take this responsibility seriously, since the alumna/us elected for the region becomes the liaison between that network and the board. Often, network leaders nominate individuals who have demonstrated skills and a dedication to the College through previous network service. Board nomination information follows.

In 1992, the Alumni Association took this representational model one step further by partnering with the Calvin Board of Trustees to create the position of Alumni Trustee. The Association now has a voice at the highest level of campus governance, with three Alumni Trustees serving three-year terms (which can be renewed once for a total of six years). Every other year, the Alumni Board seeks two alumni to submit to the Trustees for consideration for an Alumni Trustee seat; one person is elected.

"Representation" also includes a willingness to assist the College as a representative of the institution at local events (e.g. presidential inaugurations at other colleges, church or school special functions, high school college fairs, etc.) where a "Calvin presence" is important and a College employee cannot attend.

You are encouraged to contact Executive Director Mike Van Denend (at 616-526-6142 or with your ideas, comments and suggestions. By virtue of your role as volunteer alumni leader, you are indeed Calvin's key representative!