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Networks: Honduras


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As Calvin alumni who have lived and worked in Honduras for either a short or extended period of time, we have two missions.

  1. We desire to maintain the relationships we have created during our time spent in Honduras and to extend those friendships to others who share the experience of having lived and worked in the country.
  2. We are passionate about the youth of the nation and desire to give these students the opportunity to benefit from the same college education that we were blessed to receive.


As a chapter of Calvin alumni united by the experience of living and working in Honduras, our goals are:

  1. To meet at least three times per year to fellowship (twice in Honduras, once in the US)
  2. To raise awareness about Calvin College in Honduran schools
  3. To support a scholarship fund that will enable students who otherwise would not be able, to attend Calvin College

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It is our desire to set up a scholarship so that Honduran students might be able to attend Calvin College. For many of these students, the only thing that impedes them from attending is the cost. They have a dream but lack the financial resources to make that dream a reality. In addition to tuition and room-and-board fees, these students have to pay for international flights, visas, passports, and other fees that go along with being an international student.

We would like to set up a scholarship fund that will be able to make the cost of attending Calvin more affordable for students who exhibit the following qualities: a strong desire to attend Calvin, a growing relationship with God, and a solid work ethic that will allow them to succeed at Calvin.