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Groups: Glenn Bulthuis: Biography

November 7, 1955

Born in Inglewood, California

February 9, 1964

Saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan


Got his first guitar - Sears Silvertone


Attended Lutheran High School, Los Angeles, California. Started performing original songs and tunes by Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, the Beatles, etc.


Attended Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Started playing in the student coffee shop. Began writing more original songs. Teamed up with Jerry Talen (piano), Lee Swets (bass) and Jack "Boom Boom" De Boer (drums).

April, 1977

Performed first full-length concert in Calvin College's Fine Arts Center.

May, 1977

Graduated from Calvin College (B.A. Art/Architecture)

Summer, 1977

Spent 11 weeks playing and traveling in Europe.

January, 1978

Began working for Herman Miller, Irvine, California.

April, 1978

Flew back to Michigan for second annual Calvin concert.

April, 1979

Flew back to Michigan for third Calvin concert. During this time, a live recording of the 1979 concert found it's way to WLAV and Ed Buchanan began playing live cuts on the air. This generated a fair amount of local interest.

April, 1980

Flew back to Michigan for fourth Calvin Concert. First sell-out. (1,100 seats). This concert was recorded and released as an LP in December of 1980.

December, 1980

"Misled" LP released. Live recording from April 1980 show. More G.R. local airplay followed.

April, 1981

Calvin Concert. Sell out. This concert was also recorded. Pete Bardolph joins the band.

Fall, 1981

Attended Film Writing classes at the University of Southern California.

December, 1981

"Album" LP released. Live recording of April 1981 show.

April, 1982

Calvin Concert. Expanded to two shows (2,200 seats).

Fall, 1982

Traveled around the world (10 week tour).

April, 1983

Calvin Concerts. Two shows. Doug Bardolph joins the band.

November, 1983

Began long distance running.

April, 1984

Calvin concerts. Two shows. This is the first year we used original videos in the concert.

Summer, 1984

Participated in the Opening Ceremonies of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. (Olympic choir)

Fall, 1984

Ran in the San Francisco Marathon (26.2 miles) and the New York Marathon.

April, 1985

Competed in the London Marathon. London, England.

April, 1985

Calvin Concerts. Two shows. This was the beginning of the "themed" concerts. This show was based on the Indiana Jones movies. The posters featured "Glenn Bulthuis and the Tonedeafs of Doom;" a take-off on the Temple of Doom film.

April, 1986

Calvin Concerts. Two shows. These concerts were loosely based on the Rocky Movies.

April, 1986

Glenn met his future wife.

April, 1987

Calvin Concerts. Two shows.

July, 1987

Moved to Michigan. Married Jana. Transferred to Herman Miller (Zeeland, Michigan).

April, 1988

Calvin Concerts. Expanded to three shows. Produced his first "rock music video:" "The Corporate Life." This concert was recorded for future release.

December, 1988

Released the third recording: "The Undutchables" Cassette tape.

April, 1989

Calvin Concerts. Three shows.

September, 1989

Three weeks in Europe.

April, 1990

Calvin Concerts. Three shows.

May, 1990

Birth of first child, a boy, Glenn III.

May, 1990

"The Corporate Life" wins first prize at the Festival Video competition.

April, 1991

Calvin Concerts. Two shows.

April, 1992

Release of fourth recording. "Acoustic" CD and cassette. Recorded in the Gezon Auditorium in September of 1991.

April, 1992

Calvin Concerts. Two shows.

February, 1993

Birth of second child, a girl, Annie Lynn.

April, 1993

No Concert.

April, 1994

Calvin Concerts. Two shows.

Summer, 1994

Met James Taylor (a major influence on Glenn's music) in Chicago.

April, 1995

No concert.

July, 1995

Laid off from Herman Miller after 17 years of service.

August 19, 1995

Summer FAC concert. Unplugged.

April, 1996

Calvin Concerts. Two shows. Playing a lot of Beatles and Glenn original tunes. The biggest production yet in terms of musicians (22 performers).

May, 1996

Glenn sets up shop as an independent video producer and creative director.

October, 1997

13 performances as Woody Guthrie in "Woody Guthrie's American Song".
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.

October 26, 1997

Ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. Finished 54 minutes ahead of Vice President Al Gore.

December, 1997

Played guitar and banjo with "Rock Vespers" at the Welsh Auditorium (three shows).

April 24-25, 1998

Two Calvin shows with special guests "The Westshore Workshop Gospel Choir." Debut of "Born to Rock" video.

May, 1998

Tonedeafs play Chicago.

April 23-24, 1999

Two Calvin shows. New opening video.

October, 1999

Glenn starts working full-time at Sunshine Community Church as Director of Music and Worship.

October, 1999

Work begins on studio CD project

July, 2000

Release of "Psalm" CD

July 21, 2000

CD Release Concert. Calvin FAC Auditorium

Sept. 15, 2000

"Psalm" Concert at Calvin Christian Reformed Church

Sept. 22-23, 2000

Glenn performs as Woody Guthrie in "Woody Guthrie's American Song" at the Crooked Tree Arts Center, Petosky, Mich.

Oct. 27, 2000

"Psalm" Concert at Sunshine Community Church
Benefit for Guiding Light Mission

Dec. 14, 2000

Glenn directs choirs for the "Child of the Promise" Tour at Van Andel Arena

January 21, 2001

"Psalm" Concert at Georgetown Christian Reformed Church

May 4 & 5, 2001

Two Calvin shows. "Born in the CRC" Tour 2001

July 8, 2001

"Psalm" Concert at Cadillac Christian Reformed Church

July 20, 2001 Calvin Folk Festival

Fall 2004

Named director of the DeVos Center for Arts and Worship and Grand Rapids Christian High School.