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Networks: Seven Service Areas: Development

Calvin's alumni have long supported the college with financial gifts; for that, everyone at Calvin is grateful. But to keep a place such as Calvin in the forefront of learning and technology does not allow anyone to "rest on laurels." While alumni networks (formerly chapters) do not fund-raise for the institution in the classic sense, it is logical for the Calvin Alumni Association to foster a climate of enthusiasm for the college and make alumni aware of giving opportunities. There are a number of ways in which networks can creatively assist in bolstering the financial stability of the school.

  • Positively mentioning "The Calvin Fund" at network events and distributing development literature.
  • Hosting "donor relationship-building" events in local homes (e.g. a smaller gathering of alums meeting with the President or other senior college officials).
  • Looking for "development links" in regular network programming (e.g. campus architect Frank Gorman does a presentation on Calvin's master plan which describes current and hoped-for buildings and facilities).
  • During fund-raising campaigns, hosting "rating sessions" with development staff to making strategic "asks" of local alums.
  • Nominating local alums for the development office's "Regional Advisory Councils," special work-groups that advise President Byker on a variety of issues.

To discuss which project(s) might work in your area, or if you have other career-related ideas, contact Mike Van Denend in the Alumni Office at (616) 526-6142.