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Calvin-Wire: January 15, 2013

With Interim in full swing, read about students studying classical myths and the contemporary films that spring from them. Find links to interim blogs below.

The new director for the Paul B. Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics, Kevin den Dulk '92, says students must focus on Asia and the global south. Read more about the work of the Henry Institute, civic education for the next generation, and data as a moral act.

Rivalry - February 9

Gather with alumni, friends and family for the rivalry game on February 9! The Rivalry, which features the men's varsity game, finds Calvin and Hope fans gathering at viewing locations all over the country to enthusiastically cheer on their team. Take the whole family; there are over 50 sites confirmed so far. Last year we had over 80 from which to choose!

January Series

The January Series is a nationally-acclaimed lecture series that takes place every year on Calvin's campus during the fifteen days of Calvin's interim term. This year's speakers promise to entertain and educate, as has been typical for 25 years the series has run. The series hosts many remote webcast locations, one may be near you. Find out if there is one near you or listen online when available.

Student faith conference

The eighth annual Faith and International Development Conference, "From Here to Shalom: Participating in God's Plan for Universal Flourishing," is January 31–February 2. The goal of this student-centered event is to create a space for sharing ideas and exploring passions among students and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. Participation in the conference has grown to over 600 students, faculty leaders, and organization representatives. The planning and organizing of the conference is student-led, although essential support comes from other members of the Calvin community.

Interim, etc.

Students are currently taking Interim classes. Here are several blogs from students traveling for interim classes:

First-year students are learning how to research in the Michigan dunes.

Worship symposium

The Calvin Symposium on Worship brings  together a wide audience of pastors, worship leaders and planners, artists, musicians, scholars, students and other interested worshipers every January. People come from around the world to gather for a time of fellowship, worship and learning together. Over 100 presenters and panelists will participate with1,500 guests from 30-plus countries. There is still time to register online!


Alumni and friends, please be sure to join us at events coming up around the country. Besides the C Club events (for alumni varsity athletes), alumni and friends are gathering in Seoul, Korea; the MBA@Calvin group will be networking over breakfast soon; and swimming and diving alumni are going to cheer on current athletes at the Hope/Calvin meet. And hundreds of Calvin and Hope alumni and friends will gather for The Rivalry at sites across the country, of course (see more information at top).

Full details of all upcoming events are found at

Did you know...

We are looking for current high school teachers and administrators to be contacts for Calvin’s admissions office. You would receive information via e-mail several times a year that highlights Calvin programs with an invitation to tell us about prospective students. There also may be times when your regional admissions counselor contacts you. If you're willing, let us know!

And did you know....
1. Calvin has an Army ROTC program.
2. Calvin began a public health major this fall.
3. The new Rehoboth (N.M.) Bridge Semester uses experiential learning to help first-year students transition to college.
4. High school students can attend the Festival of Faith & Music on April 11-13 (and Fridays at Calvin that weekend, too).
5. Calvin offers a five-year program which leads to a master's degree in speech pathology.
6. Calvin’s volleyball and men's cross country teams finished second in the nation in the NCAA championships this fall.
7. Calvin is one of the few Christian colleges that offer majors in Chinese and Japanese.
8. 80% of the Class of 2011 participated in at least one internship during college.
9. Calvin now participates in the Common App college application program.
10. Calvin offers a variety of online courses that are available to high school students.

Admissions | Stephanie DeWeerd '10 alumni volunteer coordinator

This Square Inch

The latest issue of "This Square Inch," a newsletter from President Le Roy, will be available online soon. If you aren't already receiving it, go to this subscription page so you won't miss it.

Why that name? “There is not a square inch of creation in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry: ‘Mine!’” --Abraham Kuyper


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