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Calvin-Wire: September 15, 2014

With gratitude to God for the new academic year, President Michael K. Le Roy and the Calvin community celebrated Convocation and the installation of Cheryl K. Brandsen as Calvin's 8th provost. Dr Le Roy's address, "The Paradox of Christian Learning," was based on I Thessalonians 5:21: "but test everything; hold fast to what is good..." 

Watch it here:, as well as LOFT worship, chapel, lectures---live or archived, all year long.

Campus chaos, mud and legacies

The annual dorm competition, Chaos Day (pictures), was held on a Friday night for the first time in its 45 year history to kickoff the school year. On Saturday, the Knollcrest East apartments battled it out at Mud Bowl (pictures).

Still have dorm and campus pride? Did you know that Calvin features nine Living Legacies displays on campus—one in each residence hall, one in Knollcrest East and one in Johnny’s Café---for Franklin campus alum and commuters, of course! Each display lists the names of donors to the Calvin Annual Fund. Check if your name is listed or find out more: Living Legacies.

Mentorship, creative projects, student research

Evert Geerlings, a 2013 grad and track and field alum, is beginning an internship for the National Football League, realizing a life-long dream influenced by his father, and then coaches and professors at Calvin.

Calvin, again ranked among the top colleges and universities in U.S. News & World Report, was also highlighted for its undergraduate research and creative projects.

Some of that research involves speech pathology and audiology students putting faith and science in action for a group of orphaned children in China.

Read more about StreetFest 2014, biology professor Wertz's recent grant to study ants—for $479,000—and all the other top news and stories from Calvin. And all the latest student news---from students---in Chimes, the official student newspaper of Calvin.


See photos and videos including Move-In Day, QUEST, Streetfest, Chaos Day, Mud Bowl, commons lawn fun, etc. #calvincollege #calvink4l

Homecoming, reunions soon

Now is the time to make plans to come back for Homecoming & Family Weekend 2014---featuring activities and events—many of them FREE—for all ages. Also, class reunions for 10-, 25- and that you? See the complete schedule.

Parents, families, friends and alumni are always invited to any event hosted by alumni networks around the country. Find out more on the Calvin Alumni Association pages. 

What's FYS?

A mandatory seven-week course for all first year students, FYS is a “welcome to Calvin” class that's been around for about 10 years (previously, Prelude). The curriculum has been designed to help students navigate their first semester of college. This class is pass/fail to further help students deal with the practical challenges of their first semester.

See the videos for Week 1: What is vocation? The Calvin Community defines and describes vocation; and philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff and President Michael Le Roy talks about the value of a liberal arts education. This may be a great resource for you, or for a student you know considering Calvin. Read on.

ReCommend Calvin

Every Calvin alumna, alumnus, parent, faculty and staff member and current student knows a high school senior who would benefit from Calvin’s “heart and mind” education. So, think about who your "one" could be and how you might connect with them this year to personally encourage them to consider Calvin.

Know one? See Admissions about visiting campus to give Calvin a test drive.

Knights now in action

Be sure to check the new Calvin Knights sports pages to get up-to-the-minute results. Many events are broadcast online: audio, video and/or live scoreboards.

Also, subscribe to Calvin-Sports for reports from every sport and follow Calvin Game Day on Facebook.

Study James...with each other

Calvin invites you to join them in the study of the book of James—with no homework, no final exam. The schedule and week-by-week guides are all available online now.


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