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Student Scholarships: Legacy Scholarship

February 2, 2014: The Legacy Scholarship application process for students entering Calvin in fall 2014 is closed. No further applications will be accepted.

Each year, almost 40% of incoming Calvin students are children of Calvin alumni, known as "legacy" students. To celebrate the legacy of Calvin attendance in succeeding generations, the Calvin Alumni Association annually awards scholarships of $1500 each to students who are third-generation (or more) legacy students. These are one-time scholarships to be used the student's first year at Calvin. This is a competitive scholarship process; scholarships are not automatically awarded. To apply, students must meet these basic requirements, and then final selection of scholarship recipients is based upon the essay response question:

  • students applying to Calvin as high school seniors and admitted to Calvin by February 1
  • candidates must have at least one parent plus at least two additional direct ancestors (a second parent, grandparents, great-grandparents) who are alumni
    • "Alumni" are defined as those who have attended Calvin for at least the equivalent of two full semesters.
    • Alumni siblings, cousins and aunts/uncles are not considered direct ancestors for the purpose of this scholarship.
    • Examples: Students would meet the Legacy Scholarship criteria if they had a) 2 alumni parents + one alum grandparent or b) 1 alum parent + 2 alum grandparents or c) 1 alum parent + 1 alum grandparent + 1 alum great-grandparent
  • minimum 3.0 GPA

Application deadline: February 1 of a student's senior year of high school

Legacy Scholarship Application

Note: This application must be filled out by the prospective Calvin student, not his/her relatives

Three Generations of Calvin Legacy:
Student name:
Student e-mail:
Complete Mailing Address:
Name of Calvin alum parent:
(for mothers, also include maiden name)
Years at Calvin:
(e.g. 1971-1975)
Name of Calvin alum ancestor #2:
Years at Calvin:
Relationship to you:
Name of Calvin alum ancestor #3:
Years at Calvin:
Relationship to you:
Legacy Essay:

Please answer the following question in 150-250 words. You may wish to type your answer in Word or another program and then paste the text below so you have a chance to edit what you write.

What influence has Calvin had on the lives of the relatives you listed above, and why does that make you want to be part of the Calvin legacy in your family?

Hint: If you're not sure how to answer the first part of the question, ask them! They will likely enjoy being asked. Note: Please do not use this space to state that you have more great-grandparents/siblings/aunts/uncles/cousins who have attended Calvin. The Alumni Board does not want this scholarship to be a "who has the most Calvin relatives" competition; all candidates who meet the minimum three legacy family members will be evaluated equally based on the content and quality of their essay.