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About the Alumni Association: Strategic Plan 2012-2017


The Calvin Alumni Association connects alumni, strengthens the college, and inspires alumni to answer God’s call.


An active and engaged network of Calvin students, alumni and friends who:

  • help each other through lifelong connections
  • support the college
  • inspire each other to be agents of renewal



  • Connect physically: The association will identify, promote and develop effective networking strategies
    • For students
    • For new grads
    • For careers
    • For life transitions
    • Physical space for alumni on campus
  • Connect virtually: The association will develop a digitally relevant communication strategy
  • Connect emotionally: The association will help gather and share stories of the extended Calvin community


  • Strengthen financially: By building upon existing programs or creating new programs as needed, the association will be an active partner in bringing in revenue
    • Increase the percentage of alumni who contribute to Calvin
    • Increase the number of alumni donors that contribute $100 or more to Calvin
    • Develop additional and complementary sources of alumni association revenue to support a percentage of the association’s activities
  • Strengthen enrollment: The association will be a strong partner in supporting admissions and increasing college enrollment
    • Increase the number of legacy enrollments
    • Instill in current students the value of being a “legacy” enrollment partner
  • Strengthen Calvin’s people and programs, including the alumni association: The association will play an active role strengthening the Calvin community
    • Be a conduit through which alumni support learning
    • Proactively seek and engage alumni input
    • Strategically review college programs to see if there are areas for alumni involvement/support


  • Inspire spiritually
    • Growth: Alumni know and use Calvin as a lifelong source of spiritual growth
      • Reinforce the Reformed perspective of intellectual curiosity and deep conviction
      • Promote and provide easy access to the college’s spiritual formation resources
      • Determine whether additional association spiritual formation resources should be developed
    • Service: Alumni receive and respond to God’s continuing call to service
      • Incorporate alumni in college service-learning opportunities
      • Incorporate students in alumni service-learning opportunities
  • Inspire intellectually: Alumni know and use Calvin as a lifelong source of intellectual growth from a Reformed perspective
    • Promote and provide meaningful access to the college’s academic resources
    • Determine if additional association academic resources should be developed
  • Inspire vocationally: Alumni know and use Calvin as a lifelong source and resource for vocational development
    • Promote and provide meaningful access to the college’s vocational resources
    • Highlight association vocational awards and the stories behind them
    • Share student, faculty, staff and alumni vocational stories