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Faculty Research Grants: 2006 Recipients

Congratulations to these professors! These grants were made possible through alumni gifts to the Alumni Association via the Spark Voluntary Subscription Drive.

Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark ($4500)

Making China Safe for Christianity
This grant provides funding to publish Chinese conference proceedings on reason and religious belief from a Reformed perspective and for travel to China to teach on that topic.


KaiLonnie Dunsmore

KaiLonnie Dunsmore ($4300)

Intervention for Improving the Reading Skills of Middle-School Children from Low-Income Families
This project will examine the results of a reading intervention with 45 middle school students from low-income families. The intervention methods provide secondary teachers and speech-language pathologists with strategies to improve their students' literacy skills. A Calvin student will assist with gathering, organizing and analyzing data.

James Korf

James Korf ($5000)
Communication Arts & Sciences

William Spoelhof: The Presidency and Beyond
This video project will chronicle Spoelhof's presidency paying special attention to Spoelhof's contributions to Calvin's expanision and the role of spirituality in his administration. Funds support student assistants and general expenses.

Funded by the Alumni Association Special Projects Fund

Darla McCarthy

Darla McCarthy ($3700)
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Genetic Analysis of Pentachlorophenol (PCP) Degradation
This project involves student researchers working to identify the genes involved in PCP degradation by bacteria, contributing to the understanding of methods that may some day be used to remediate PCP-contaminated sites.

Debra Paxton-Buursma

Debra Paxton-Buursma ($5000 over two years)

Calvin College Graduate Scholars Mentorship Program
This is a pilot initiative to support scholarship for graduate students in the M.Ed. in Learning Disabilities Program, working to publish coauthored articles based on required graduate program research.


Rachel Reed ($4700)

Scientific Thinking and Authentic Research for High School Students
Calvin student researchers will work with high school students as they explore the research process for two weeks in summer. Data from this pilot study will guide development of a Student Research Institute for West Michigan, housed at Calvin College.

Pearl Shangkuan

Pearl Shangkuan ($5000)

Learning a New Song: A Profile of Three International Conductors and Their Work
This project researches the music, method, and religious and social impact of three major international choral conductors: Masaaki Suzuki (Japan), Maria Guinand (Venezuela) and Tonu Kaljuste (Estonia).

Ellen Van't Hof

Ellen Van't Hof ($5000)
HPERDS (Dance)

Finding Their Own Dance: Reawakening the Alutiiq Arts
During this fall sabbatical project, Van't Hof will collect footage in Alaska to create this documentary film. The project involves interviewing, observing and documenting key Alutiiq elders, dancers and artists as they prepare for a cultural festival.