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Faculty Research Grants

Congratulations to these professors! These grants were made possible through alumni gifts to the Alumni Association via the Spark Voluntary Subscription Drive. [Grant criteria and application process.]

2014 Grants

Adejoke Ayoola, Nursing, $4000
"Preconception Reproductive Knowledge Promotion (PREKNOP)"
Student researcher to conduct interviews on women's knowledge of their reproductive health

Paul Harper, Physics & Astronomy, $5000
"X-ray Diffraction and NMR Measurements of Sugar-Water-Lipid Mixtures"
Sabbatical housing to work at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis testing models of lipid-water-sugar mixtures

Jesse Moes, Nursing, $3000
"Heartside Healthy Feet"
Providing appropriate footwear for homeless people to study resulting decrease in pain

Chris Smit, CAS, $4763
"DISART Festival 2015"
Travel to London to plan for a disability art exhibit to come to Grand Rapids' DISART festival

Chad Tatko, Chemistry & Biochemistry, $3000
"Chemistry Goes Green"
Travel expenses to work at University of North Carolina on screening a library of compounds for potent activity to develop environmentally-friendly catalysts

Christina Van Dyke, Philosophy, $1750
"You Can't Handle the Truth: Happiness and Death"
Travel expenses in Oxford to do archival research on medieval mysticism

Amber Warners, Kinesiology, $5000
"Volleyball Position Specific Tactical Training Using Immediate Feedback with a 10-Way Wireless Microphone System"
Travel to California to collect data about volleyball players' tactical choices during play

2013 Grants

Adejoke Ayoola, Nursing, $4000
"Preconception Reproductive Knowledge Promotion (PREKNOP)"
Student researcher to conduct surveys/interviews with neighborhood women on pre-conception reproductive health

Ryan Bebej, Biology, $1800
"A Whale of a Tale: The Origin of Tail-Powered Swimming in Early Cetaceans"
Travel to visit whale fossils to study transition from walking to swimming

Chris deGroot, Religion, $2500
"Bible and Women Encyclopedia"
Student to help with formatting volumes on women's interpretations of the Bible

Pearl Shangkuan, Music, $5000
"Voices of Women Today: Choral Works by Living Women Composers from Around the World"
Travel to France to visit music libraries/collections

Ralph Stearley, Geology, Geography & Environmental Studies, $1500
"Fossil Evidence from Southeastern Oregon and Southwestern Idaho for the Historical Development of Pacific Salmonid Ecosystems"
Travel to Idaho and Oregon to research salmonid fossils there

Ellen Van't Hof, Kinesiology, $5000
"Alaska Native Voices Tell the Masking Dance Story"
Travel to and within AK to film Alutiiq elders talking about a new year's eve dance

Roman Williams, Sociology & Social Work, $5000
"Visualizing the Sociology of Religion"
Student research stipend; conference in England on visual research methods

2012 Grants

Andrew Bailey, Kinesiology, $1500
"National Happiness Day"
For students to administer and analyze surveys at a National Happiness Day event to promote activities that make life worth living

Mandy Cano Villalobos, Art & Art History, $2535
"Voces" ("Voices")
For a student to translate a video, for materials, and for travel to Wisconsin to install an exhibit on mass femicide in Mexico

Lee Hardy, Philosophy, $3930
"Making Way for Bikes: The Urban Bicycle Infrastructure of Amsterdam and Copenhagen"
For travel expenses to Amsterdam and Copenhagen and for a student to gather data on bike paths

Matthew Heun, Engineering, $2462
"Economic Development Transitions, Energy and Carbon Constrains, and Innovation"
For student salary for fall 2012, and for partial travel expenses to South Africa—both connected to studying the relationship of energy, environment and economics in developing countries

Lew Klatt, English, $3300
"Sunshine Wound: Poems"
For travel to NYC to visit art museums for inspiration for new poems about light and color

Paul Moes, Psychology, $500
"Investigation of Possible Neuronal Function for Probst Bundles"
For mice with agenesis of the corpous callosum to provide tissue for testing physiological function

David Noe, Classics, $4000
"Conversational Ancient Greek Study Abroad"
For expenses for a conference on speaking ancient Greek

F. Corey Roberts, Germanic and Asian Languages, $1400
"Expressing the Ineffable: German Pietism, the Discourse of Experience, and the Birth of Aesthetics"
For travel expenses within Germany and photocopies at archives to research German Pietist confessional literature

Stephanie Sandberg and David Leugs, Communication Arts & Sciences, $3000
"The iPad Project: Preserving the Process of Original Theatre Work on the Tablet Computer"
For student salaries to take photos and design an iPad app to store all production stages of a performance

James K.A. Smith, Philosophy, $3000
"Reforming Political Theology"
For travel expenses for sabbatical work on the relationship of the church, the state, and politics

Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk and Debra Paxton-Buursma, Art & Education, $2500
"Sacred Space Pedagogy"
For student salaries for transcription and for travel to out-of-state classrooms to study how physical space makes that place/learning Christian

2011 Grants

Roy Anker, English, $700
"Cannes Film Festival 2011"
Anker's grant will provide lodging and meals at the Cannes Film Festival for film study, particularly of filmmaker Terrence Malick's work.

Marilyn Bierling, Spanish, $3000
"The Cuban Immigrant Experience within the Christian Reformed Church"
Bierling will travel to Miami and Cuba for interviews related to the history of Cuban refugees in the Christian Reformed Church.

Kelly Clark, Philosophy, $3500
"Abraham's Children: Documentary"
Clark's grant expenses will pay for alumnus Geert Heetebrij to do production and editing on a documentary about religious tolerance among Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Kristin Kobes Du Mez, History, $4875
"The Forgotten Women's Bible"
These funds will be used for travel to England to research historical writings in several libraries there along with some funds for a student researcher salary.

Daniel Garcia, Communication Arts & Sciences, $4309
"New Worlds New Stories: Producing the Short Film in Peru"
This grant provides an alumnus filmmaker's salary and two Peruvian talent salaries for production of a narrative film in Peru as part of a Calvin Interim trip.

Peggy Goetz, Communication Arts & Sciences, $700
"Merging the Medical and Social Models of Disability: Lessons from Deaf Culture and Audiology"
This grant provides for travel expenses for a McGregor student researcher to participate in interviews with Prof. Goetz at Galludet University in Washington, D.C.

Jo Kuyvenhoven, Education, $3492
"Tertiary Teachers, Research and Curriculum Development for More Effective School Teachers in Primary Classrooms"
This grant allows Kuyvenhoven to host a conference for The Association of Language and Literacy Educators–Sierra Leone on the teaching of reading in Sierra Leone.

Joel Navarro, Music, $2400
"SAMBA IV: Songs from a Distant Shore"
Navarro's funds will be used for student salary to encode hymns and a few publishing costs for producing a prototype hymnal of Filipino hymns translated into English.

Dave Warners, Biology, $2000
"Reconciliation Ecology and Plaster Creek"
This grant supplies plant materials for a rain garden to be planted as part of a conference for churches and other community partners to learn about the Plaster Creek watershed restoration project.