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Awards: Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to alumni who have made significant contributions to their field of endeavor and manifest a Christian commitment, thus honoring Calvin.

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The Award
The Calvin Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award consists of a commemorative piece designating the recipient and the date of the presentation and a parchment tribute to the recipient.

The Purpose of the Award
The award is granted by the Calvin Alumni Association to honor one of its members who has made a significant contribution in his or her field of endeavor and who is recognized by his or her associates for outstanding achievement.

The Basis of the Selection

  • Anyone who is an alumna or alumnus of Calvin College is eligible, excluding any person who is on the staff of the college or seminary or who has attended the school within ten years of the time of consideration. Alumni are those who have attended Calvin College for one year or its equivalent.
  • The "significant contribution" of the alumna or alumnus may be in any field of endeavor. The nature of the contribution and the extent to which it is deemed worthy of consideration is to be determined by the Selection Committee.
  • The person selected for the award will be one who manifests a Christian commitment that reflects honor on Calvin College.
  • The Selection Committee will present its recommendation(s) to the Board of the Calvin Alumni Association for approval.
  • Once the Selection Committee has made its recommendation to the Alumni Board, the information will be considered confidential until such time as the Board and the College deem it appropriate to be made public.

The Selection Committee

  • The selection of recipients for the award will be made by a Selection Committee composed of the following members:
    • The President of the College and the Spouse of the President;
    • Two from the college faculty;
    • All members of the Alumni Association Board;
    • The Executive Director of the Alumni Association serving ex-officio as a non-voting member
  • The appointments to this committee will be made by the Board of the Calvin Alumni Association (Board members) and the President of the College (faculty).
  • The faculty members of this committee will serve for a period of two years.

The Number of Awards

  • The number of awards given will not exceed two at any one presentation.
  • Normally a presentation will be made once a year at the College Commencement; however, for any special occasion and under unusual circumstances, additional awards may be given. The honor of the award must never be diminished by the frequency of its presentation.
  • If, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, no nominee merits recommendation for the award in any given year, it is not compelled to make a recommendation.

Submit a nomination. Nominations are due by September 20 each year. The Alumni Board takes a first vote at the October Board meeting, with final vote on the top candidates in February, and presentation of the award in May.