Major: I am double-majoring in Business Marketing and Writing.
Country you grew up in:
  I grew up in the Philippines for a year and in Indonesia for fifteen years.
I am Korean.
Parent Occupations:
My parents are in full time service in Indonesia.  My dad is a doctor and he operates clinics and a medical training school for Indonesians.
High school:
I attended Wesley International School.

What was your high school/secondary school like?
Wesley International School to me was a place where teachers genuinely loved the students. Our teachers did not just teach, but they invested their heart and time to raise young men and women of God; they loved the students.

Out of thousands of schools in the U.S., why Calvin?
Most of the Calvin professors that I have encountered are approachable on a professional and on a personal level. The professors here encourage the students to obtain the fullest potential as Christians.

What opportunities for spiritual growth have you participated in? 
I have a mentor who I talk to once a week and I was the co-leader of the Philippians Bible study on my floor.

What's the best class you've taken, or the best professor you've had?
The best class I have taken is Post-colonial Literature with Professor Jane Zwart. She is a quirky and brilliant professor that makes students laugh and unite, even if no one had known each other at the beginning of the semester. Her love for literature is obvious and that passion flows out and reaches students like me, who had never appreciated literature. I decided to major in Writing after taking the class.

What challenges have you faced at Calvin?
One major challenge that I face at Calvin is growing to be too comfortable in the Christian atmosphere. Because most students here at Christians who have grown up hearing parables and attending church every Sunday, I am tempted to forget what it truly means to be a living witness in our world today. Spiritual dryness is what quickly takes over my life and that is what I have to choose not to take part of.

How do you get involved at Calvin?
To get involved at Calvin, be curious and ask around. Don't lose an opportunity to get to know more about student organizations or events, because they pass by very quickly! Ask and if you are willing to commit, apply to be a leader or a participant.

What is the community like at Calvin?
Calvin professors are very open to students. The professors that I have met are truly interested in students' lives. You get out what you have put in.

Which Dining Hall?
I like Uppercrust because it serves fresh sandwiches and salads. Choose to eat healthy, because it becomes a life habit!

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