Major: Nursing
Country you grew up in
: I lived in Kazakhstan for 8 years and Moscow for 7 years, basically I just say I grew up in Russia :)
: Russian
Parent Occupations
: Mom- Business Representative at State Farm Insurance; Dad- Industrial Mechanic
High school
: Hinkson Christian Academy in Moscow (2 years of high school) and Stephen Lewis Secondary School (2 years of high school in Canada) 

What was your high school/secondary school like? 
Hinkson was a small (250 students K-12) private, international Christian school opened by some missionaries 20 years ago. It had a very homey and welcoming environment. Teachers and students had almost friend-like relationships. It is a wonderful school. Stephen Lewis is a larger public school in contrast to HCA. It is very strong academically and has many nationalities represented there.

Out of thousands of schools in the U.S., why Calvin?  Since I was about 7, I dreamed of going to Calvin. Did not know much about it, but just knew that is where I wanted to be. 

What opportunities for spiritual growth have you participated in? 
Bible study for nursing students; chapel; LOFT

What's the best class you've taken, or the best professor you've had?
Human Anatomy, Professor Tig is great!

Favorite eating place in GR? Jimmy John's

Favorite color, Maroon or Gold?

Favorite, Dance Guild, Rangeela or Airband?  Rangeela

Which Dining Hall? Commons :)

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