Major: Biochemistry, Pre-Physical Therapy. Minor: Psychology
Country I grew up in:
Citizen of the United States of America
Parents’ Occupations:
Pastor and Teacher (Dad), Doctor (Mom)
High School:
Murree Christian School (Pakistan) and J M Atherton High School (US)

What was high school like?
In Pakistan academics were stressed greatly. Until 11th grade there were two set hours where everyone had to study in the evening. It was a boarding school. However it was also a lot of fun situated in the foothills of the Himalayas where we hike or play football with an awesome view. High school in the US was a joke so I returned to Pakistan to finish.

Why Calvin?
I visited in 10th grade and my dad fell in love with it. I said I probably wouldn’t go there. As it turned out though it is a place where I can explore the questions of science and faith simultaneously.

Spiritual opportunities that I’ve participated in?
LOFT and chapel are the main ones. Devotions with the people I live with. The church I go to in Grand Rapids – Madison @ the Ford - has been a large part of my spiritual development.

Best Professor I’ve had?
It has to be Professor Ron Blankespoor in the Chemistry Department. Three different classes and no end to stories or practical application of chemistry. Having chemistry 104 with him the spring of my freshman year is the reason that I am a biochemistry major today.

Most memorable experience at Calvin?
Well, this isn’t really at Calvin but it was a Calvin class. The most memorable experience is biking in South Australia during interim – getting summer while Grand Rapids had snow.

Favorite eating place in GR?
This is more of a coffee house. I am going divulge my secret. My favorite place is Schuil Coffee between East Beltline and Lake Eastbrook on 29th Street. It’s good cheap coffee and an awesome place to get some studying done.

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