Major: I am currently majoring in Computer Science, Information Systems and minoring in Business.
Country you grew up in: I was born and brought up in Accra, Ghana.
Nationality: Ghanaian
High school
: Though I grew up in Accra, I went to a high school a little higher north of Ghana - Kumasi, Prempeh College (popularly known as, the Presidential School).

What was your high school like:
I attended an all-boys high school with a population of about a thousand students. It was a home away from home. We were required to stay on campus and we wore uniforms to class.

Why Calvin?
After high school, I worked at the American Embassy as a student intern and basically my task was to meet with students and help them find colleges and universities in the US and Canada. As I did my research, I found Calvin for myself. I wanted a school with a great engineering program, had a relatively small class size, an opportunity to go to China and preferably Christian. In view of these interests, I chose Calvin. And yes! Calvin has offered me all these and more.

What spiritual growth opportunities have you participated in?
I have been an active member of our floor fellowship meetings held weekly. Also, I fellowshipped every Sunday with a couple of male friends sharing testimonies and growing together. As the current student body President, together with my senate team, we are running a spiritual growth campaign where we will have a monthly worship service for the entire campus.

How are the academics at Calvin?
The academic environment here is very conducive for success. In that, you are stretched to think outside the box and professors are helpful and play an integral role in your experience.

How have you been involved at Calvin?
While here at Calvin, I have served on the Orientation board, as a Resident Assistant in the residence halls. I am currently the college’s Student Mentor, as well as the Student Body President. Also, I’ve been a part of “Rangeelawhich is our annual international variety show.

What is your most memorable experience?
My most memorable experience at Calvin has been my interim trip to China. I lived in five different towns in China and got to visit and interview almost a dozen companies and did some sight-seeing while on a Business and Engineering trip.

What's your advice to students who are thinking about applying to Calvin?
For prospective students I would say if you’re looking for a place that would stretch you, a place that would help you branch out, a place where the community feels like a family, a place that prepares you for the world? Calvin College is the place for you.

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