Major: I am an Integrative Science major with a Chemistry minor in Secondary Education.
Where did you grow up?
I spent the first 18 years of my life in Canada and once I graduate from Calvin I hope to return.
I am Canadian.
Parent occupation:
My dad is a civil engineer and my mom has done respite care and taught in the primary grades.
High school:
I went to Chatham Christian High School. 

What was your high school/secondary school like?
My high school consisted of grades 9-12 and had a total of 112 twelve students (27 in my graduating class) when I graduated. It is a school with strong Dutch roots and an incredible belief in Christian education.

Out of thousands of schools in the U.S., why Calvin? 
I picked Calvin because I felt Dordt was too small of a school for me and Calvin offered me a great financial aid package.  I had hoped to attend Brock University but I never received any calls from their soccer coach or feedback from their departments.  Calvin was incredibly responsive and that definitely made me feel like I would be a valuable member of the society at Calvin.

What opportunities for spiritual growth have you participated in?
As a member of the rugby team I attend Friday chapels with the team. I also try to go to a few other chapels during the week and that is something that I have really enjoyed about Calvin.  I mostly attend chapel and LOFT.

What's the best class you've taken, or the best professor you've had?
This is a tie for me between my Dutch language classes and my Chemistry 103 class. What I have really enjoyed about taking Dutch is that it is a small class so I have gotten to know the professor and my fellow students pretty well. I am actually rooming next year with someone I know from that class. Also it is a pretty relaxed atmosphere. What I loved about Chemistry 103 was the professor. I had Professor Fynewever who is an excellent professor. He is a lot of fun and comes up with interesting ways to take quizzes.  I enjoyed it so much that I am now doing research with Professor Fynewever this summer.

How have you been helped by the student resources available to you?
When in need, I utilize the free tutors and get help with papers at the rhetoric center.

What challenges have you faced at Calvin? 
I think the most challenging thing for me has been the studying for tests and preparing for classes. The professors at Calvin really expect a lot out of you so I would definitely say the classes themselves have been pretty challenging. 

How do you get involved at Calvin?
I have a few that are all tied. The first would be winning the dodge ball intra-mural with a group of guys from my floor. That definitely brought us together and it was a lot of fun playing with them. The second would be playing pond hockey at night during the winter. The third would be watching the girls’ varsity basketball team beat Hope with a buzzer-beater three point shot to win the conference championship.

My weekends are generally taken up by rugby matches but that is what I would do for fun anyways. Aside from that I watch hockey and hang out with friends or maybe go see a movie.

Funniest prank someone did to you?
The best prank anyone ever did to me is when a couple girls from my sister floor made my room look like a crime scene.

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