Major: I am double majoring in International Relations and Economics
Country you grew up in
: Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, when I was 6 months I moved to the US and grew up in Philadelphia for around 7½ years before returning to Indonesia for 10 years.
Parent Occupations
: My dad is a pastor and lecturer at a seminary and my mom serves in my church while being a housewife
High School
: Sekolah Pelita Harapan International Lippo Village 

What was your high school like?
I attended a private international Christian school located in the suburbs of Jakarta that uses the rigorous International Baccalaureate Diploma Program as its curriculum for the 11th and 12th grade. Over my years there it has become a second home where the teachers and staff are your friends and mentors who help guide you to grow both spiritually and academically. It also emphasizes a strong community through involving students through house team competitions, fantastic performing arts and student committees.

Out of thousands of schools in the U.S., why Calvin? 
I have always wanted to return to study in the US and for starters I wanted to attend a Christian college. At first I had two other choices aside from Calvin: Biola and Dordt. Essentially Calvin offered me a great financial aid package which was in fact the key factor in my decision. However aside from that I got to talk with Calvin grads who taught at my high school about life on campus in which I became quite attracted to the prospect of enrolling at Calvin. After choosing and coming to Calvin I have to say that I could not have made a better choice and everything from academics to the community has since exceeded my expectations.

What opportunities for spiritual growth have you participated in? 
I attend chapel at least 3 times a week and occasionally go to LOFT or attend a local church near campus. I am also involved in Calvin’s Mentoring Program and thus I have a mentor, Professor Mikael Pelz who is also a professor in the political science department. Through our meetings he has helped me recognize goals and priorities and has encouraged me to reflect on my own growth and faith and to succeed both academically and spiritually at Calvin 

What's the best class you've taken, or the best professor you've had?
POLS-207 (Introduction to International Relations) was a class that was particularly important for me. Taught by Professor Amy Patterson in the fall semester of my freshman year, I learned to become passionate about international relations. Though I had already chosen IR as a major upon enrolling, the class helped confirmed my fascination with the area of study. Though she has left Calvin, Professor Patterson was a great lecturer who was not only one of the first to challenge me academically but was always ready to help her students succeed in the class. Another great professor for me would be Professor Van Der Heide who has spent time in Indonesia working with government officials and as a result we both have a shared interest in the country which has been the topic of many of our discussions. In fact his experience, helpfulness and passion for economics further influenced my decision to double major in economics.

What challenges have you faced at Calvin? 
One of them would definitely be balancing academics, social life and working on campus. It can be difficult especially when you have to sacrifice some of each in order to fully balance the three into your college life 

How have you been helped by the student resources available to you?
Calvin Link has been a useful way for me to find jobs on campus and it has led to me applying for several on campus jobs and even getting a great summer job on campus.

What is your most memorable experience at Calvin? 
There are so many memorable times at Calvin that I can list however here is one that stands out. As part of a floor activity I had the opportunity to collect sap from Maple Trees throughout campus and turn them into syrup. One night in particular was when I was with close friends just talking, laughing and snapping photos while keeping an eye on the cooking sap to the late hours of the night during a cold winter night. That night made me realize how blessed I was to be at Calvin and to have such great friends.

What do you usually do for fun on the weekends? 
Hanging out with friends for sure, whether it is through midnight soccer, round robin ping pong or just staying up late and talking, we always manage to find something fun to do. Calvin also has lots of events and activities happening throughout the year which I usually join in on.

What is Grand Rapids like? 
It is a little town that I have grown to love. Being in Western Michigan Grand Rapids is also home to many strange weather patterns that I am quite fascinated by.

How do you get involved at Calvin? 
For one I try to attend Calvin hosted events whether it is watching the Hope-Calvin game, watching $1 movies, Calvin’s Got Talent or Rangeela. I am also a staff writer for the Chimes newspaper and I write about national news on a weekly basis. Recently I have been involved in the Econ Club where I went on a trip to Chicago to visit businesses such as Google and met with Calvin alumni working in the city. From floor retreats to dorm banquets, there are lots of ways to become engaged with others in the Calvin community. My floor in particular gave me the opportunity to camp and kayak the famous Sleeping Bear Dunes and canoe down the Manistee River. I also help out at Supper House, a service learning opportunity for my dorm and in the fall I will be working for the Student Academic Services as both a tutor and academic coach.

Favorite: Dance Guild, Rangeela or Airband? 
I think all are absolutely incredible events that everyone should go see whenever possible! Nevertheless I would say that Rangeela is noteworthy because it reflects the diversity of Calvin’s campus and allows everyone to be involved and to get to know various cultures through dance.  

What is the community like at Calvin? 
Living in 1st van Reken, an intentional living-learning co-ed community floor, I have met some of the closest friends that I have at Calvin who I am blessed to have. International Passport has also given me the opportunity to meet many other international students who not only share my passion to study and succeed but also come from similar backgrounds forming a solid foundation that I have forged close friendships on. In the Calvin community the professors are accessible and accommodating towards the students and can pave the way to even friendships and mentorships. In truth Calvin has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere which is great for international students moving to a new country.

Funniest prank someone did to you
Some of my friends on my floor love to post random silly statuses on my Facebook account whenever I am away and leave my laptop open in the floor lobby.

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