Calvin's International Admissions staff is eager to interact with parents and students throughout their Calvin experience. We welcome calls or emails from prospective parents or students.

As your family explores Calvin, please consider these comments from other parents across the globe.

What parents are saying:

"Today, three weeks after school started, we are hearing very encouraging reports from our son; we even sense maturity in the way he responds to our emails and over the phone. I am sure that as he moves on, he will grow in knowledge and spiritual depth and his personal testimony would encourage many more to consider Calvin for their undergraduate studies."Calvin parent, Egypt
"We were very pleased in particular with the way our son's biology professors identified him very early on and encouraged his interest in research and gave him much valuable research exposure that will continue to prove beneficial in the future. He also appreciated being encouraged to relate his studies in science to his Christian faith. Perhaps what we appreciate most about Calvin is the College's appreciation of what our sons, together with the other African students, bring to the college as African Christians in a North American Christian environment."Calvin parent, Ghana
"Our daughter has found Calvin to be a very academically challenging environment. She says that one of the biggest advantages of being at Calvin is that it's a Christian college which effectively merges academic excellence with the integration of faith. We couldn't agree more."Calvin parent, Ghana
"Calvin did a lot to provide information and details on all the processes involved ... handling the immigration paper work before and after admission, providing some funding ... organizing the transport and welcome from the Grand Rapids airport to Calvin College. I am already recommending Calvin College to my friends for their sons and daughters. I was particularly impressed about the fact that many of your graduates proceed to such schools as Harvard to pursue higher qualifications. Congratulations!"Calvin parent, Kenya
"Having worked with Calvin College regarding our childrens' education for the past five years, we are convinced that 'Calvin is the right place' to get qualitative Christian education in the United States. God willing, our last son will also go to Calvin College. We strongly recommend to other prospective international students that 'Calvin College is the best under God'."Calvin parent, Nigeria
"Coming back from Calvin's orientation for parents of overseas students, we feel our son's life will be nurtured and his character will be built ... this is a place with support and yet challenge which will encourage him to uncover and realize his talents and potential."Calvin parent, Hong Kong
"I had a fantastic time meeting with the President and many others. The orientation program is something I will always cherish. Ever since returning from Calvin, I haven't stopped talking about the virtues and standing of Calvin College with my colleagues, friends and associates. We are thanking God for having guided us in our decision making process."Calvin parent, India
"More than anything else we were impressed by Calvin's spiritual focus-the conscious and evident commitment of the staff to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Christian perspective in teaching and learning, the many opportunities for children to explore their relationship with the Lord, and Calvin's attitude that instead of religion being forced down their throats, young people must learn to exercise and own their faith at their own levels and pace."Calvin parent, India
"I am very pleased with the education my children received at Calvin College. It is one of the best investments I made. Not only did they get the high quality of education they need for their future, but they grew spiritually as well."Calvin parent, Indonesia
"We have a saying: 'Beginning is half done.' We know how important our starting point is! One of the greatest starting programs is your orientation program for international students, where our children feel strongly received by the Calvin community. We would say 'beginning predicts whole life of college life!'"Calvin parent, Korea