If you're a Canadian citizen, this is the place for you. Get information on applying to Calvin as well as application deadlines and admissions standards.

Steps to apply (in any order)


Choose ONE of the following ways to apply:


Submit an academic recommendation.

Send a request to a teacher/recommender (online application) or download a paper form and give it to a teacher/recommender.


Submit your test scores from the SAT (code: 1095) or ACT (code: 1968).

SAT/ACT waived for applicants with cumulative average marks of 75% or above.

Test scores are often included on your high school transcript. (Test scores are not required if you've had two or more years of previous college experience, or if you're age 21 or older.)


If you've done any college course work, submit a transcript. An official transcript is required for admissions consideration and transfer credit evaluation.

Please note that if you are a US/Canadian dual citizen, you will need a US passport to enter the country.


Check your application status

Simply enter your email address below then hit submit. We'll send an email shortly with the current status of your Calvin application file.

If you submitted an application status request recently, please note that it takes us 24 hours to process new requests, so check back again later. Thanks!

Application Status Check

Application deadlines

Completed applications are considered on a rolling basis until the deadlines below. For maximum scholarship consideration, be admitted by February 1.

Type Fall Semester January Interim Spring Semester
First-Year Aug. 15 Dec. 10 Jan. 10
Transfer Aug. 15 Dec. 10 Jan. 10
Canadian Aug. 15 N/A Jan. 10
International April 1 N/A Dec. 15*
Previously-admitted / guest students: Students applying for readmission or non-degree seeking students are admitted on a space-available basis until the first day of classes.

*We do not accept international applications mid-year unless you are an international student in the U.S. who is transferring to Calvin.

Minimum standards for admission

For first-year applicants
  • 2.5 GPA (on 4.0 scale) or 65-73% in a Canadian grading system
  • 20 ACT or 940 SAT (470 Math and 470 Critical Reading)
    • SAT/ACT waived for Canadian applicants with cumulative average marks of 75% or above.
  • High school course requirements
For transfer applicants
  • GPA of 2.0 if transferring from a 4-year institution; 2.5 if transferring from a 2-year institution
  • ACT or SAT scores: see above
  • 3 years of college prep math, beginning with Algebra 1
  • High school diploma or equivalent degree (GED)

Applicants with lower grades or scores are encouraged to apply and may be admitted on condition if there is other evidence of academic promise.


Calvin College does not discriminate with regard to age, race, color, national origin, gender or disability in any of its educational programs or activities.