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Tutorials - Creating a Personal Website (

This tutorial will show you the steps to define Dreamweaver 8 and connect to Calvin's web server. Download this tutorial (Word, 269k)

Step 1

Define Your Site

The very first thing you need to is define your site.  By defining your website you are telling Dreamweaver where to store your files. For personal web pages, this can be a floppy drive, a hard-drive, or a network drive.

When you first open Dreamweaver you will see a splash screen which allows you to: Open a Recent Item, Create New, or Create from Sample.

dreamweaver splash screen

If you have not already done so you first need to define your site using thedreamweaver site option found under Create New.

Step 2

Run the Wizard

Once you see the wizard, make sure that the basic tab is selected.

site definition

  1. You can name your site anything you want.  This information will only be used within Dreamweaver for identifying different sites you have defined.
  2. The HTTP address (URL) of your site will be username. (eg. )
  3. Click Next

Step 3

Server Technology

Do you want to work with server technology? NO, we are creating a simple page, so click No then click Next.

Server Technology

Step 4

Working with files

  1. How do you want to work with your files during development? Select Edit local copies on my machine(computer), then upload to server when ready. Here at Calvin, we store our personal files on either a local folder or a network drive and then upload our files through FTP to the web server.
  2. Next, locate the folder where you will be storing your site.
  3. Click Next

How to work with files

Step 5

Connecting to Server

How do you connect to the server? Select FTP and fill in the rest of the information as follows. NOTE: if you are on a lab computer 1. Do not enter your password 2. Do not click Save


Click Next

Step 6

Check in and Check out

Do you want to enable checking in and out? No, since you are the only one working this site is not necessary to enable this feature.  Click No, then click Next.

Checking In

This completes your site definition. Click Next. Then go ahead and create your web site.

Step 7

Showing it to the world

Once you have created your website on your local/home folder, it is only available to you.  You must move your files from you local/home folder to Calvin’s web server ( so it is available on the web. When you defined your site earlier for FTP, this gave certain information to Dreamweaver.  Dreamweaver uses this information to upload your website to Calvin’s website and allows you to copy your files into the public_html directory.

Moving your personal pages to Calvin's web server

In the Site Panel on the right, click on the connect button.

You will be prompted to enter your password. Enter your KnightVision password. Click on OK.

A new window opens. If the Site window does not open automatically click the Expand/Collapse button in the Site panel.

Step 8

Create your public_html folder


In your web account on Calvin's web server (, web pages are stored in a folder named public_html. If you've never created web pages before, there's a good chance that this folder does not exist.

  1. To create this folder, be sure that the first item in the left-hand list, under Remote Site is selected. In this example you would select the folder that says /home/jcalvin.
  2. Select File > New Folder.
  3. A new folder will appear at the bottom of the list, and will allow you to rename it.
    Give your folder the name public_html (typing it exactly).

Press <Enter> when you have the name entered.

Transfer the files

  1. To transfer your web site to Calvin's web server, from the right-hand list, select all the files and folders that pertain to your web site and drag them onto the folder icon for your public_html directory. This can be done one-at-a-time, or as a group.
    Note: If Dreamweaver asks if you want to Include Dependent Files? click Yes. This makes sure all the files in your site are copied. Dependent files are all files used by your web pages.
  2. Click the Disconnect button when done then click the Expand/Collapse button to return to the Dreamweaver Show Design View.

You have just created your personal Calvin website. Congratulations!