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Tutorials - Creating a Personal Website (

Step 1

Define Your Site

The very first thing you need to is define your site.  By defining your website you are telling Dreamweaver where to store your files. For personal web pages, this can be a hard-drive, or a network drive.

When you first open Dreamweaver you will see the Welcome Screen which allows you to: Open a Recent Item, or Create New.

dreamweaver splash screen

If you have not already done so you first need to define your site using thedreamweaver site option found under Create New.

NOTE: You can also get to the Site Setup wizzard by navigating to Site / Manage Sites...

Step 2

Run the Site Setup wizard

Once the Site Setup wizard pops up, select the Site tab.

site definition

  1. You can name your site anything you want.  This information will only be used within Dreamweaver for identifying different sites you have defined.
  2. You can also specify where you would like your files to be stored
    • You can select a location on you computer if you are working from a personal computer.
    • If you are working on a shared computer you will want to specify a location on a network drive or a personal external hard drive
  3. Once you are finished press Save

Step 3

For working without a server

If you are working on your site without connecting to a server navigate to the Advanced Settings tab

Once you have selected the Advanced Settings tab more items will be availible for selection.

Select the Local Info tab

Server Technology

Here you can enter the web URL of your site ( where abc1 is your KnightVision / Moodle username.

  • the ~ is required for this to work.

Once you are finished press Save.

Step 4

Connecting to a Server

If you want to work by connecting to a server. Select the Servers tab and press the + button.


Once the + button has been pressed a popup window will appear.


  1. Enter a Server Name: of your choosing.
    • This is only for naming purposes within Dreamweaver.
  2. Select SFTP under Connect Using:
    • This is required because Calvin Colleges servers now use
      the Secure File Tranfer Protocol.
  3. Enter the SFTP Address: and enter Port: 22.
  4. Under Username: enter your KnightVision / Moodle username.
  5. If you are working from a personal computer under Passowrd: enter your KnightVision / Moodle password.
    • If you are working from a shared computer DO NOT enter your password this will allow anyone else who uses the computer to access your website.

Once you are finished press Save

Step 5

Showing it to the world

Once you have created your website on your local/home folder, it is only available to you.  You must move your files from you local/home folder to Calvin’s web server ( so it is available on the web. When you defined your site earlier for SFTP, this gave certain information to Dreamweaver.  Dreamweaver uses this information to upload your website to Calvin’s website and allows you to copy your files into the public_html directory.

Moving your personal pages to Calvin's web server

Expand the FILES tab in the right menu panel, click on the connect button.
If you cannot find the FILES tab navigate to Window / Workspace Layout / Reset 'Current Workspace'

You may be prompted to enter your password. Enter your KnightVision / Moodle password. Click on OK.

You have just created your personal Calvin website. Congratulations!