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Travel Policies: Internet Reservations

Internet reservations for Calvin business travel prohibited

Internet reservations for Calvin business should only be made via

No reservations should be made with any other travel website. All reservations should be made through Carlson Wagonlit as:

  • Calvin tracks all travel arrangements made and costs incurred. Travel itineraries and destinations are obtained for safety purposes.
  • Airlines continually modify their prices both from day to day and throughout each day. Thus, prices for any given itinerary may be reduced more than once between the time of the purchase and the departure time. Carlson Wagonlit's system continuously monitors its bookings from the time of purchase and rebooks any and all bookings whenever the price goes down and a net savings can be achieved . Calvin receives a credit voucher for the difference without any penalties. Internet services do not provide this service, nor is it reasonably possible for individuals to either perform this monitoring function on a continuous basis, or to do what would be necessary to receive the full credits for such savings. Calvin has saved thousands of dollars through the use of this monitoring system.
  • Carlson Wagonlit's travel agent is able to inform you about details regarding cheaper flights, for example, double connections or layovers, that you either didn't know or notice.
  • Calvin receives the full commission for any business flights booked by Carlson Wagonlit. When flights are booked elsewhere, that commission is lost; the net cost of tickets not booked through Carlson Wagonlit is approximately 9% more expensive. These commissions are used to offset the cost of having a Carlson Wagonlit staff person in-house.
  • When airline tickets are purchased through Carlson Wagonlit, Calvin earns points with a number of airlines and those points are redeemed for dozens of free tickets each year.
  • Should you encounter any problems whatsoever with your reservations, Carlson Wagonlit is always no more than a telephone call away. It is uncertain as to what options are available to those who have purchased tickets via the internet, particularly when the need is urgent.
  • This policy is not to be construed in any way as an unfair trade practice. The software systems used by travel agencies is obtained from independent, third party vendors, which could very well indeed be producing software systems being used by many of the internet-based airline ticket vendors. Carlson Wagonlit is committed to providing Calvin with the lowest possible travel costs and is working with these vendors for solutions that ensure our cognizance of the lowest possible airline rates every time.

When someone is aware of a less expensive flight itinerary than is offered through Carlson Wagonlit system, the information for that flight – dates, airline and flight numbers – are to be conveyed to Carlson Wagonlit so they can book the reservation through their system.

Exceptions to these guidelines prohibiting on-line reservations must be discussed in advance and receive specific approval from the Director of Financial Services or Vice President for Administration, Finance and Information Services.

Should there be any comments or questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact Sally Vander Ploeg by calling x67112 or by email (