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Travel: Insurance

Insurance while traveling

Group health insurance

Calvin's group health insurance and/or worker's compensation is in force whenever you travel for college business. Travelers should carry their health insurance identification cards with them at all times. When traveling outside the U.S. for more than 90 days (sabbaticals, Off Campus Program Directors), please contact Human Resources so that additional coverage can be purchased.

Trip insurance

When travel services have been purchased with a PNC Visa Card $200,000 in accidental death is provided. Therefore, the purchase of additional flight insurance is a personal expense to the traveler and is not reimbursable.

Personal property loss and damaged luggage

While the traveler is on college business, Calvin is generally not responsible for personal property damage or loss. It is presumed that travelers carry insurance on their personal property. In addition, charging transportation expenses to the PNC card activates lost luggage locator service. Any additional luggage insurance purchased is a personal expense to the traveler and is not reimbursable. Damaged luggage must be brought to the attention of the responsible airline within 24 hours of flight arrival at the particular airport location. Typically, the airline repairs the luggage or compensates you to have it repaired. Airline liability is limited to $1,250. In the event you file a luggage claim with an airline, please notify Carlson Wagonlit so they may follow-up on your behalf.

The airline is liable for certain expenses incurred by a passenger due to delayed or lost luggage. Notify Calvin Travel Office at extension 66810 or check with the responsible airline before incurring costs for items such as toiletries, clothing, equipment and rental.

Vehicle insurance–see Transportation