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International Travel: International Travel Insurance

Secondary insurance for off-campus interim and semester programs

IMG Patriot International insurance coverage was secured by Calvin College in the fall of 2009 and replaces Medex coverage.  The reason for adding this package to student fees for interims and semesters abroad are:

  1. General risk of travel abroad.
  2. Insurance coverage varies.  For example: primary insurance coverage for Knight Care students only covers 60% of medical costs while outside the U.S.
  3. IMG Patriot International includes secondary health coverage, medical evacuation and political evacuation.
  4. The IMG Patriot International plan is $1,000 deductible for $100,000 maximum coverage per student and $2,500 deductible for $100,000 maximum coverage for faculty.  Each person will receive an IMG card and statement giving details of group #, amount of coverage, etc.

Secondary insurance for off-campus semesters

Secondary insurance for off-campus interims

More information

Read more about the insurance coverage provided by IMG Patriot International in their downloadable brochure (pdf).