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International Travel: International Travel Insurance

Secondary insurance for off-campus interim programs


The cost for this added coverage is $40.00. This replaces the Medex insurance charge which was previously included in the budget.

This expense will be included in the program budget and overall cost.


As soon as the interim abroad roster of students is complete, instructors should submit an application form listing first and last names, date of birth, passport number, nationality, date of departure, and date of return to the off-campus programs department. Please note that students who add additional time for travel beyond the group date of return will need to secure their own additional coverage with IMG (if they want additional coverage) for that time period and be billed personally. Once you have completed the form, please submit to the off campus programs office.


IMG Patriot International is a “secondary” coverage. Steps for filing a claim:

  1. Should medical care be necessary, please give the hospital, or care center, the primary insurance information AND IMG Patriot information. If the hospital is willing to bill the insurance company, that is the easiest method. However, some hospitals require payment and then reimbursement.
    1. If the following medical care is necessary, please contact IMG before care is given:
      1. Inpatient care
      2. Surgery
      3. Home nursing care or extended care
      4. CT Scan
      5. Wheelchair use, etc.
  2. Make sure copies are saved of all medical bills.
  3. If student needs help filing insurance claims with KnightCare, please make sure they seek help from the health services.
  4. If primary insurance carrier does not cover all expenses and sends notice of this, please submit this notice along with copies of bills not covered by primary insurance to IMG. Download a claim form.

Questions concerning insurance coverage:  Please contact Jane Prins in financial services (526-6131) or Evelyn Kloostra in off-campus programs (526-8932).


Complete the application form. Once you have completed the form, submit it to the off-campus programs office.

File a claim

Download the claim form to request a reimbursement for medical expenses incurred during your travel.