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    Eating Options

    On-campus options include Johnny's (fully stocked snack shop), the Spoelhof Center Café (sandwiches) and the dining halls.

    Eastown, a ten-minute drive from Calvin, is for you if you're looking for something locally-owned, ethnic and/or vegetarian. Popular spots on Wealthy Street in Eastown and further west include:

    Marie Catrib's on Lake and Diamond offers local and organic options, though be prepared to wait for a table at peak meal times as it’s extremely popular (for good reason). Just on the other side of Diamond from Marie’s is a vegetarian restaurant called Gaia. Gojo offers Ethiopian for vegetarians and carnivores alike, while slightly north of Eastown on Fulton, Little Africa offers vegan Ethiopian. The Green Well is an excellent option as well.

    Downtown you'll find Cambridge House, Hop Cat and Founders to be good brewery options.  San Chez and Mezze, sister restaurants next door to one another on Fulton, offer Spanish tapas and the Mediterranean version of tapas (mezze) respectively.

    28th Street (just south of Calvin) has about any fast food restaurant you could ever desire, as well as some local options like the Grand Rapids Brewing Company and Yen Ching.

    Ask a local!  Anyone who lives in the area would be happy to make a recommencation.  If you'll be driving to another part of town, invite some friends or strangers-soon-to-become-friends to carpool.