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    Disability information

    If you have a disability, Calvin College would like to accommodate your needs as much as possible.  To assist us, we ask that you complete this form and feel free to include a note to fully describe individual circumstances.  Please return this form as soon as you are able to Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma (kirstinvgr[at]calvin[dot]edu).  We want to make advance arrangements for accommodations.

    • If you need assistance at any time when you're on campus, you can call the Festival accessibility manager Chris Smit at (616) 881-6689.  Campus Safety is also equipped to offer assistance and can be reached at (616) 526-6452 for non-emergencies or from a campus phone at 3-3333 for emergencies.
    • E-text and large print versions of the Festival program will be available at the registration table.  An American Sign Language Interpreter can be arranged in advance.
    • All of the rooms reserved for Festival events are accessible by wheelchair, though special assistance is needed for Swets Hall and the Fieldhouse.  Please call Chris Smit or visit the registration desk to arrange assistance if needed.
    • Please feel free to contact Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma (kirstinvgr[at]calvin[dot]edu) with questions at any point before your arrival.