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    Festival of Faith & Music Keynote presenters


    We'll be posting workshop and keynote information for FFM 2013 shortly. Below is a tentative schedule:


    Thu, Apr 11

    1.00p Youth Ministry & Pop Culture Pre-conference
    (Sign up for pre-conference during registration)
    4.00p Registration
    7.00p Keynote: Daniel White Hodge
    9.00p Concert: The Welcome Wagon w/ Andrew Rose Gregory


    Fri, Apr 12

    10.00a Worship: The Welcome Wagon
    10.45a Keynote: Chuck Klosterman
    Noon Lunch
    1:00p Interview: Chuck Klosterman
    2.00p Workshop #1
    3.15p Conversation with Andrew Bird
    4.00p Workshop #2
    5.30p Dinner
    7:30p Concert: Andrew Bird
    9:30p Music films:
    Shut Up and Play the Hits
    Sound City
    The Sea in Between: A Mason Jar Music Film


    Sat, Apr 13

    10.00a Keynote: Cathleen Falsani
    11.30a Workshop #3
    12.45p Lunch
    2.30p Workshop #4
    3.45p Break
    4:30p Workshop #5
    5.45p Dinner
    8.00p Concert: Josh Garrels w/ Mason Jar Music and Kenyon Adams