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    Agents of Future


    Agents of Future

    Angie and Todd Fadel (Agents of Future) hail from Portland, Oregon, and have pioneered visceral, hyper-inclusive community music and arts with The Bridge Christian Church for a dozen years. They have made it their life's work to include the voices of the most overlooked in communities worldwide and model playful, experimental worship. The music they tend to draw out of folks has been described as "unrestrained, messy, raucous garage rock" and "chaotic and sloppy, breathlessly urgent, and childlike". Their thoughts on play, visions for inclusive community and collaborative papercraft-ephemera have been showcased in Sojourners, Generate Magazine, Crossrhythms UK, TheOOZE.com, Recycle Your Faith, Worship Leader Magazine, Wikiklesia Project, By/For Project and resourced by Sparkhouse and Crowder’s Fantastical Church Music Conference.