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    April 7-9, 2011

    Conference | Workshop 3

    Sat, apr 9; 11:30am

    Jon Foreman: A conversation conducted by David Dark
    Covenant Fine Arts Center Recital Hall

    The Soul Of Hip Hop: A Cultural Theology of A Culture
    Daniel White Hodge; Meeter Center Lecture Hall

    The Bored-Again Christian: Christian Music for People Who are Tired of Christian Music
    Just Pete; Covenant Fine Arts Center 222

    From Jennifer Knapp to Lady Gaga: Changing Faces of Sexuality in Contemporary Pop Culture
    Justin Stover & Joan Van Dessel; Covenant Fine Arts Center 264

    Musical Evil?
    Benita Wolters-Fredlund; Covenant Fine Arts Center 255

    Letís Just Praise the Lord...Please!: The Gaithers and the Burdens of Evangelical Celebrity
    Ryan Harper; Covenant Fine Arts Center 252

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