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    April 7-9, 2011




    This year, we are offering FFM Roundtables, small groups that will meet during the Festival to discuss a topic of common interest. Each roundtable, composed of approximately 1015 attendees and led by a Festival participant, will meet for one hour during Friday lunch (12:30 PM) and Saturday lunch (1:15 PM). Because the circles are scheduled to meet at the same time, you can lead only one each day.

    If you are interested in creating and leading a roundtable, e-mail the FFM Roundtables facilitator at eao4@calvin.edu. Please put "FFM Roundtable" in the subject line and include a short description of your topic. The deadline to sign up to lead a FFM Roundtable is April 5.

    Once you have sent your request, if your roundtable is approved, it will be posted online on the FFM webpage for attendees to sign-up to join. Everyone who participates will bring their own food to the designated meeting room.

    We hope that FFM Roundtables will give you a place to connect with other attendees, and to deepen and extend your experience of the Festival.