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    April 7-9, 2011

    Conference | Roundtables 2

    Sat, apr 9; 1:15pm

    Doing Student Activities as if Pop Culture Matters
    Ken Heffner; Covenant Fine Arts Center 264

    Student activities at Christian colleges can be venues for important discussions about art, faith, God, meaning and more. Bring your questions and ideas to this open discussion about how to shape the pop culture conversation with your college or youth group.


    Are we promoting music or faith? Promoting and Booking in the Independent Christian Rock Scene
    Raven Henderson; Covenant Fine Arts Center 229

    My perspective is limited by 12 years of experience promoting events in the South (Georgia/Florida). In this scene of hosting events at church and now at a standalone venue (Murray Hill Theatre) there is constant scrutiny from the Christian Community on what musicians we place on our stage. Are we promoting music or faith? Can the two be separated? Should they? There are many more questions that I would love to hear others perspective and experiences on:

    • Is this just something that is an issue in the South?
    • How does a venue support Believing Bands that tour with those that promote a completely different lifestyle?
    • What obligation does a venue have to younger patrons looking for Christian Entertainment?
    • How does a venue truly minister to touring bands?
    • Is Christian Music (forms of Rock) evangelical?
    • How do not censor the stage but maintain our integrity?