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    April 7-9, 2011

    Conference | Roundtables 1

    Fri, apr 8; 12:30pm

    Should Anyone Still Go to College for Music?
    David Fuentes; Covenant Fine Arts Center 222

    The world of music has changed as drastically as everything else in culture, but most college music departments look pretty much the same as they did thirty years ago. The few that have adjusted their curriculum have tended to add two things: practical training in popular music styles and music business courses. Is this enough? What else might need to change to build the sort of foundational understanding that will equip young, bright musical minds to serve effectively in the 21st century? Come to a roundtable discussion to poke, prod, dream, scream and shrug at the possibilities that exist for this thing called music school. Absolutely everyone is welcome.


    Music Management
    Nate Yetton; Covenant Fine Arts Center 225

    Nate is the manager of The Civil Wars. He will discuss the various challenges and responsibilities of managing an artist.


    Home Recording
    Joshua Banner; Covenant Fine Arts Center 255

    I started a home studio about seven years ago and made records for a handful of friends before taking my present position at Hope. Part of my responsibilities here is to oversee our recording facilities and partner with the music department. I’d love to have a discussion with any artists who would either like to begin a studio or those who would like to talk about ways to improve their studio.