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    April 7-9, 2011

    Conference | Keynote

    Thirty Seconds Away: On Learning How to Be Human

    Gregory Wolfe
    Fri, Apr 8; 10:45am, Covenant Fine Arts Center

    St. Irenaeus once said, ďThe glory of God is man fully alive.Ē Ironically, many people of faith today would find this phrase disconcerting. It doesnít sound spiritual enough. But the problem today isnít that people donít have a sufficient understanding of spirituality; itís that we donít understand our own humanity. Itís here that art has the capacity to help us, clothing the ethereal realm of spirit with flesh and blood, warts and all. When art does its incarnational work it reminds us that the presence of grace can only be found in and through the all-too-human messiness of our lives.


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