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    Sat, Apr 9; 3:00pm, Lab Theater

    Note: Composer David Fuentes will lead a short presentation on the music in Calvin's Hamlet production at 2:30 in the Chapel Choir Room.

    Written between 1599 and 1601, Shakespeare’s Hamlet has dominated the imaginations of theatre-makers and audiences for four centuries. In this two-hour production, director Stephanie Sandberg explores the contours of Hamlet’s mind. Isolated in a depressive apathy, Hamlet turns to playing games to find the answers to the puzzle of his life. Twelve actors, performing in a highly stylized contemporary setting lead the audience to experience the questions this play has asked generations of people. Is it okay to seek revenge against the wrongs done to us? How do we navigate the suffering and chaos in the world? This production features original music by Calvin professor David Fuentes performed by some of the cast members. Join us for an exploration of Shakespeare’s classic text and Hamlet’s enigmatic mind.

    Tickets to this special matinee performance are available for Festival attendees at a reduced price of $5.00.