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    Youngest Son


    Youngest Son

    Craters of the Moon

    Corpus Christi

    Youngest Son is Steve Slagg, who grew up playing hymns on the piano and listening to rock music on his iPod. He developed his songwriting in a self-directed interdisciplinary major in college, and now brings his live performance, which weaves storytelling with songs, to churches and music venues across the country. Slagg self-releases his music through a songwriting blog that includes narrative essays and artwork with his recordings. Slated for release in 2011 are a full band album, All Saints' Day, and a stripped down piano-and-voice EP, Pigshit and Glowing. All Saints’ Day is an exploration of grief and memory while Pigshit covers sex, love, faith, doubt and liturgical worship—the only topics the 23-year-old songwriter really thinks about.


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