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    Mr. Bones


    Tinamou, a band founded upon friendship, passion and a love for music, formed in 2007 when childhood friends Morgan Mecaskey (guitar, vocals) and Cameron Schenk (violin) began performing original music at local coffee shops in Cleveland, Ohio. The two had grown up together studying piano and violin. After regularly performing classical repertoire, Mecaskey and Schenk’s musical palettes broadened as the two began listening to a variety of musical genres. Anthony Foti (drums, percussion) met Mecaskey and Schenk at a local gig, and the relational and musical connection was instantaneous. A welcome addition, Foti’s distinct, expressive approach brought a rich texture and versatility to the group. Providence, Tinamou’s second EP, showcases a musical maturity uncommon for such a young band. The genre-blurring trio draws from a wide musical spectrum, combining the energy and immediacy of folk and rock music with the subtlety and finesse of classical composition. “Collaboration was key in making this record,” says Mecaskey, “I would bring songs to the table and then we would collectively work out arrangements. We learned to listen to, appreciate and respect one another so much more through the process of honing in the five songs that would eventually make the cut for this EP.” Providence was recorded and mixed at Cleveland’s Sky Parlor studio by producer Dave Douglas (former drummer of gold-selling band Relient K) and mastered at the Synergy Studio by Doc Harrill (Son Lux, Sole, SesTor) during the early summer months of 2010. Tinamou’s EP has much to offer-infectious melodies, intricate arrangements, heart-felt lyrics and driving rhythms—all of which will keep listeners coming back for more.


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