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    Peter Tigchelaar


    Peter Tigchelaar

    The Bells

    Light Me Up

    Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, and now living in nearby Dundas, Peterís roots run deep, grounding him in the Niagara Escarpment and the Bay area where he has been singing and playing music since childhood. Writing his own songs for as long as heís been singing and playing guitar, Peterís style has evolved since his first recording Wings Meet Wind from 1994. His music is a complex mixture of genres reflecting the many influences he loves. His clear, strong tenor voice is a distinctive feature of his melodic approach to songwriting. Rock, blues, gospel, choral and reggae are all alive in his eclectic tunes, played passionately on guitar, mandolin, ukulele and Hammertone. Peterís signature style includes thoughtful lyrics set to engaging arrangements shaped by his diverse melodic influences. Whether they soothe the soul or challenge the heart and mind, these are songs that appeal on many levels through careful listening. Peter Tigchelaarís new recording Gracious Window was released early in 2010, and he has been playing live extensively over the past year.


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