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    Ordinary Neighbors


    Ordinary Neighbors

    Timely Pulse

    Given That I Couldn't Write This in a Letter

    Ordinary Neighbors was conceived by Joshua Banner after having released two solo records independently. He wanted less rush, less isolation, less sonic perfection, less predictability and more noise, more happy accidents, more people and better lyrics. In the last six years, he purchased a ˝ inch 8-track tape recorder, married award-winning poet Susanna Childress (Jagged with Love, Entering the House of Awe), and invited several friends over for nights, days, even weeks to explore what could happen with guitars, a beat up Rhodes, synthesizers, drum machines and distortion pedals. While their music owns Susanna’s lyrical substance, it also presents Josh’s fascination with soundscape and noise. Major contributions have been made by DM Stith (Asthmatic Kitty) and Dustin Ragland (Charlie Hall, Eutopitian Accident).


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