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    Lose Your Mind

    Dwarf Redwood

    Skillfully crafting songs and sounds, Philly-based Americana-rock group Oldermost has been turning heads and winning new listeners ever since their luscious four-track EP was released last fall. Utilizing well-written and diverse song structures, the group quickly injects into them a musical personality that is not only knowledgeable, but interesting. Lead singer and songwriter Bradford Bucknum has roots set somewhere between Jim James and Jeff Tweedy, but quickly moves past his influences to explore new territory. The rest of the group—Peter Phillips (lead guitar), Dan Wolgemuth (bass guitar) and Stephen Robbins (drums)—lends itself perfectly to create a warm, layered sound across the songs. Their self-titled EP was released in November 2010, and has been extremely well reviewed by both music bloggers and local Philadelphia press alike. Quickly gaining a reputation for having an energetic and dynamic live show, Oldermost continues to win listeners and gain fans with their passionate performances.


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